Frequently asked questions

man 1. How does your medication coupon program work?

The medication coupon programs we offer work via text messages delivered to your mobile phone. These medication coupons can be redeemed for instant savings on over 10,000 medications. Included with your medication coupons will be text reminders when your next prescription refill is due, along with your medication savings information. Simply show these text messages to your pharmacist when you pick up your medication to redeem your savings. It saves you time and money, all in a safe, easy, and private manner.

2. Can I still benefit from your medication coupons if I don’t have a mobile phone?

Yes, after you register to receive your medication coupons, you will be given the opportunity to download and print your coupons. BUT, in order to receive ongoing savings , prescription reminders and other valuable medication savings, you will need to register to receive medication coupons via text message on your mobile phone.

3. How do I register to receive medication coupons?

It is extremely easy. Find your medication by using our simple medication coupon search tool located on the home page. Then, complete the short registration form. You will begin by receiving a confirmation text message. Once you respond to that message, you will immediately begin receiving your medication coupons.

4. What should I do if I don't get my prescription reminder message?

If you don't receive a text reminder when you're expecting it, contact the Mobile Program 1-800 number found on the coupon.

5. Will my information be shared with any other companies or third parties?

NO. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We will not sell or rent your information to any third parties or outside mailing lists.

6. What if I want to stop receiving your medication coupon offers?

It is simple to cancel your enrollment in our medication coupon program. Simply reply to any of the text messages you receive from our provider with the word "stop”. IMPORTANT- you must reply from the mobile phone number you used when you first registered.

7. What if I received multiple savings offers for the same medication purchase? Can I take advantage of this offer combined with other offers I qualified for?

Only one offer can be used at a time; except where allowed. Read the coupon for more details.

8. Will this offer work with my private insurance coverage? Are there any restrictions on this offer?

Yes, this offer will work with your private insurance. However, coupons acquired through this website are not to be utilized for purchases that, in whole or in part, are paid for by federal/state programs encompassed by Title 18 or 19 of the Social Security Act, by any other federal/state payor program or any private payer in the state of Massachusetts.

9. What if I have signed up for medication reminders for other medications—how will I know which medication refill is due?

Each text message reminder you receive will indicate which medication it is for.

10. What are the restrictions of this program?

Duplicates of this offer are invalid and not redeemable. Coupons acquired through this website are not to be utilized for purchases that, in whole or in part, are paid for by federal/state programs encompassed by Title 18 or 19 of the Social Security Act, by any other federal/state payor program or any private payer in the state of Massachusetts. This offer may not be reproduced and must accompany your request. Offer good only in the USA. You are responsible for reporting receipt of a rebate to any private insurer that pays for or reimburses you for any part of the prescription filled.

11. Do I need to pay for this service?

The use of is free. For those who opt to receive their medication coupons via text message, standard text messaging rates apply. This program is not a premium service and generally does not incur any special fees. Please contact your service provider for details.

12. What is the prescription refill reminder service for?

To help you complete your full medication refill course. Continuing to take medication refills on time can aid in recovery and better overall health.

13. How many total text messages could I receive?

You will receive confirmation text messages when you first enroll in the program plus reminders when you are due to refill your prescriptions.

14. Will I receive texts regarding anything other than to confirm my registration and deliver my medication coupons?

You may receive 1 text message asking permission to contact you via phone for market research. This will help us to continue to improve our services. You are under no obligation to participate.

Phone Related Faqs

1. What happens if my phone is switched off?

The message will go to your text message in-box and may be deleted after a certain time, depending on your provider. Contact your mobile network to find out how long messages are held before they are deleted.

2. Will I receive the medication coupon offers I registered for if I decide to travel outside of the USA?

It depends on your mobile phone plan and carrier. Contact your service provider for more information.

3. How do I continue to receive my medication coupon text messages if I change my mobile phone number?

It is simple. Just go to and re-register with your new phone number.

4. What can I expect after registration?

A welcome text message will be sent to you once you register. You may also receive an email e-mail if you have chosen this option. This will be followed by a reminder text (and e-mail) 7 days before your next prescription medication refill is scheduled.

6. In order for me to get refill reminders at the right time, can I enter a medication start date in the future or the past?

Yes, a medication date can be set in the future or the past.

7. What happens if I set a medication date in the past, i.e. several months ago?

You will still receive a welcome message, but any medication reminders scheduled to occur within 1 or 2 months of the initial medication refill will not be sent to you. You will receive your first prescription medication refill reminder when you have taken 75% of the medication as indicated by your pharmacy.

8. Who should I contact if I have a problem?

Contact the Digital Health Dialog Customer Contact Center via e-mail :

Pharmacy issues

1. I lost the phone that I was supposed to show to the pharmacist. What do I do?

If the pharmacist has any questions, have him/her call 1-888-899-2559 to speak with a Medication Coupon Mobile Program representative.

2. What if my pharmacist doesn't know about the Medication Coupon Mobile Program and won't honor my savings?

Although the medication coupon Mobile Program is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide; some pharmacists may not yet be familiar with it. If your pharmacist is not familiar with the medication coupon Mobile Program, please ask him/her to contact us at phone number 1-888-899-2559 number found on the coupon for an explanation of how to redeem your savings.

Email issues

What do I do if I haven't received the email containing a link to my medication coupon?

answer: Please check your junk mail or SPAM box. To make sure this does not happen with future emails, please make sure to add

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