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Medication Coupons to Your Cell Phone

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

As we mentioned in our last article, we will be offering you the ability to have medication coupons (medication coupon codes) delivered to your cell phone via text message. We understand that this is new for many of you. The reason we opted to offer this option is because it benefits you, the consumer, in several ways. With standard paper medication coupons, you have the task of printing them out each and every time you make a purchase; you have definite expiration dates; and you have to remember to bring them with you every time you head to the pharmacy.

Medication Coupons for Savings on ALL Medications

Medication Coupons for Savings on ALL Medications

With medication coupons delivered to you via text message you enjoy the following benefits:

  • If you are like most people, you always carry your cell phone with you. This eliminates any need to remember to grab your medication coupons prior to heading to the pharmacy.
  • Text message based medication coupons are totally paperless, therefore much better for our environment than paper medication coupons.
  • Certain medication manufacturers want to deliver savings to you with each and every prescription refill. They can do it on a regular basis & make sure you receive if it is done via text messaging.

We thought that this mode of medication coupon delivery would provide an added layer of convenience for our website visitors, in addition to the benefits listed above. For those who prefer to download and print their medication coupons, we will give you the opportunity to do that too.

Please tell all friends and family about It is 100% FREE to use. Instantly receive medication coupons for over 10,000 prescription medications (non-prescription medication too).