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Get Your New Freebies- Free Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste and Much More!

Thursday, January 29th, 2015
Get Your Free Samples and Free Trial Offers!

Get Your Health Freebies Now!

It’s Freebie Friday! Check out these free health offers and try before you buy.

Free Acuvue- These prescription contacts are easy to wear, comfortable, and affordable. They make different types of lenses for your particular eye conditions including near or farsightedness, astigmatism, and Presbyopia. Sign up today and answer a couple of questions. This will generate a certificate for a free pair of Acuvue contacts for you to get from your eye doctor.

Free Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste- The makers of this toothpaste are pretty sure that once you try it, you’ll never go back to your old brand. And to prove it, they are giving way free samples of their Rejuvenating toothpaste. In addition to a refreshing minty taste, this tooth paste whitens your teeth and helps to clean and repair the enamel.

Free California Carrots Dog Supplement- This is a supplement for dogs that helps to aid in digestion and stops diarrhea. This product is 100% natural, rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It will also help to fight worms, improve immune health and give your pooch a better looking coat. Sign up today to get a free sample for your dog. After all; a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Free Drug Discount Card- The free drug discount card can help to save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. It’s accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies including large chain pharmacies and smaller independent ones. Want a plastic card that fits in your wallet? Please email us at and we will send you one.

Free Eliquis Trial Offer- This prescription medication is used to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots in people who have a condition known as atrial fibrillation. It is also used to treat and keep blood clots from forming in the veins and lungs. Eligible people can get free medicine for 30 days. Plus, you can get a savings card that can lower your copays to just $10 a month.

Free How are You Aging Quiz- Are you getting up there in age and concerned with whether or not you are doing everything you can to stay healthy? If so, use this free online quiz to assess how well you are aging and where you may need to make some improvements. You will be asked a series of questions and at the end; it will let you know your results.

Free Schwarzkopf Hair Care Sample- This is a premium hair care line that addresses specific types of hair concerns including Volume and Vitality, Frizz Control, Shine and Hold and Curls and Moisture. At this time, this product is only available at Walmart, but you can sign up to get a free sample of their Ultime Omega Repair & Moisture shampoo and conditioner to try, plus they’ll give you a $2 coupon for future use.

Free Secret Clinical Deodorant- If you sweat a lot and your regular deodorant just isn’t doing a good enough job, it’s time to try something stronger. Secret Clinical provides strong protection against odor and wetness, even the worst kind, stress sweat. Join their Loyalty Rewards Program and after making 4 purchases of this product, and sending in the necessary proof of purchase, they will send you a coupon to get 1 free one.

Free Sundown Naturals Vitamins- This free offer is back!! Head on over to Facebook and be among the first 50,000 to sign up and you will get a sample of their B12 Gummy Vitamin. Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose and artificial colors, this is a gummy vitamin that tastes great and helps to support heart health and circulatory health.

Free U by Kotex- It’s not too late to get your free tampon samples and pad samples. Chances are you hate that time of the month, but these products help to make it a little bit better because you don’t have to worry about leaks. They have products to fit everyone’s needs and they all offer superior protection. Try them for yourself- Choose between the Full Size Tampon kit, the Maxi Pads, the Click Tampons and the Ultra-Thin Pads, made with 3D Capture core. is all about saving people money. In addition to free health samples and free medication trial offers, we also have the most extensive database of free medication coupons. Search now for the coupons you need and save money at the pharmacy.


Free Medication Coupons- Abilify Coupon, ChapStick Coupon & More

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
Save Money at the Pharmacy!

Get Your Free Drug Coupons!

Check out this week’s new medication coupons and save money at the pharmacy.

Abilify coupon- This medicine is prescribed to help treat a few different conditions such as Bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia and irritability that is often associated with autism. Depending on the medical condition that you have, will depend on whether you use Abilify on its own or in addition to another medicine. We have just added a new coupon to our site; eligible people with commercial insurance could pay just $5 for their copays.

Alternavites coupon- Looking for an alternative to traditional chewable vitamins for you and your children? These are vitamin crystals that contain 23 vitamins and minerals that dissolve in your mouth. Not only do they taste great, but they have no artificial colors or preservatives, they are gluten free and contain no GMO ingredients. Get a free coupon that will save you $2. This coupon expires on 12/31/2016.

Balneol coupon- This may not be the product that everyone is talking about but if you have vaginal or anal discomfort, this may be the product you want to reach for. People can experience discomfort “down there” for a variety of reasons including medical treatments, aging and pregnancy. Download a free coupon and save $2 off on your next purchase.

ChapStick coupon- This protective lip balm can help to protect your lips from certain weather conditions including wind, cold and dry climate. They currently have many different formulations on the market including Original, Medicated, Active and many more. Get a free coupon that will save you .50 cents on any premium ChapStick product.

Chantix coupon- This is a prescribed medication that is taken for 3 months, to help adults stop smoking. It is intended to be used with some type of smoking cessation therapy. Get the free Chantix savings card and eligible people can save up to $75 on their monthly prescriptions, at certain pharmacies across the country. This coupon expires on 5/31/2017.

Kerydin coupon- This is a prescription, topical solution that treats a certain type of toe nail fungus called Onychomycosis. It is estimated that about 30 million people have this condition. If your doctor has prescribed you Kerydin, download a free savings card today and eligible people will pay $0 for their prescriptions.

Nony X Nail Gel coupon- This is a topical nail gel that is used to clear up nail discoloration, which is actually build-up of keratin debris. This easy to use and effective product, which is even safe for diabetics, will help to clear up your nail discoloration. Download the rebate form and save $5 when you purchase this product.

Ocuvite coupon- As we age, our eyes lose vital nutrients. Eye vitamins help to replenish the vitamins and minerals lost. Although we can replenish lost nutrients by eating certain foods, many of us simply do not consume enough of them. Ocuvite vitamins have a complete line of products that contain ingredients including Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Omega 3. Download this free coupon and save $5.

Omeprazole coupon- This is a prescription medicine that is in a group of drugs called proton pump inhibitors. It is used to treat symptoms of GERD and other conditions that are a result of too much acid in the stomach. If you have a prescription for this medicine and it is not covered by insurance, this coupon can save you up to 80% off on your medication.

Senokot coupon- If you suffer from occasional constipation, this natural laxative can provide you with gentle overnight relief. Made from purified and standardized senna, this vegetable laxative will relieve constipation caused by travel, certain medications, diet, etc. Get a free coupon today and save $5 off on your next purchase.

Looking for other drug coupons besides those listed above? Please search our extensive database to find savings on prescription and OTC medications.

We also offer a free drug discount card. It can help to save consumers up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. Plus, it is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country. Get yours today and save!

It’s Freebie Friday! Free Clinique Skin Care, Free Nivea & More!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015
Get Your Health Freebies!

Get Your Free Health Samples!

Check out this week’s free health samples and free medication trial offers and try before you buy.

Free Accu-Chek Nano Meter- This meter, which is available at no cost, is small and easily fits into the palm of your hand. It’s easy to read, requires no coding and is extremely accurate. To get your free meter, just answer a few questions and then just print out your certificate and redeem it at a pharmacy near you.

Free Butterfly Body Liners- If you have accidental bowel leakage, this product might be right for you. It adheres comfortably and discreetly between your buttocks so no one other than yourself knows it’s there. Plus, it’s super absorbent and has an odor shield. Try it out for yourself with this free sample offer and get the protection you need to go about your daily activities.

Free Clinique Skin Care- If you have been a long time user of Clinique products or you are just looking for a free product, you’re in luck. While supplies last, just stop by any Clinique counter and ask them for a free 10 day supply of Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum. This product will address all your skin care concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and more.

Free Coromega– Available in a squeezable pouch, this is an Omega 3 supplement that helps to support brain health, eye health and cardiovascular health. It is made from premium fish oil, it offers 300 % better absorption than traditional soft gels, and it has no fishy taste.  Get a free sample so you can try this product. There is a S & H charge of $2.99 but in addition to a free sample, you will also get a coupon for future use that will save you $3.

Free Drug Discount Card- Uninsured and looking for ways to save money on your prescription medications? We offer a free drug discount card that can save you up to 80% off on prescription meds not covered by insurance. Just print it out and present it to your pharmacist at check out. If your medication qualifies for a discount, the savings will be applied instantly.

Free Invati Hair Care- Is thinning hair a concern for you? If so, this product can help to make your hair thicker and fuller. Made with a special herb blend like turmeric and ginseng, this product can reduce hair loss by 33%. Get a free sample today that includes a shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitalizer.

Free Janumet- This medication is prescribed to help people manage their type 2 diabetes. When used along with a healthy diet and exercise program, it helps to increase insulin production in your pancreas and it reduces the amount of sugar your body makes. Eligible people can get a free trial offer of medicine and be eligible for future savings with a Janumet coupon.

Free Nivea Samples- They’re back!! Nivea is a leader in skin care and to prove it, they are offering free samples of some of their products to try. Choose between Nourishing In-Shower body lotion, Cocoa Butter body lotion, Smooth Sensation and Extended Moisture. Just watch a short video and then it will unlock the form for you to fill out to get your freebie.

Free Tooth Brushing Chart- Are you having a difficult time getting your kids to brush their teeth? This chart might help. Just enter your child’s name, and the system will generate a personalized brushing chart that you can print out so your child can keep track of his or her progress. Then, after brushing their teeth twice a day for a whole month, you can reward them for a job well done.

Free Vytorin- This combination medication is prescribed to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. It is supposed to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Sometimes people have high cholesterol because of the foods they eat, but many people have high cholesterol because it runs in their family, Vytorin treats both of these sources. Eligible people can receive 30 days of free medicine and save money on future prescriptions with this Vytorin coupon.

In addition to health freebies, we also have a huge database of free medication coupons. Search now for the ones you need and save money on your prescription and OTC medications. If you know anyone who could benefit from medication savings, please tell them about us.

Save Money with a Centrum Coupon, Oralair Coupon & More

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
Get Free Drug Coupons and Save!

Save Money with Drug Coupons!


Alka-Seltzer coupon- Gas? Indigestion? Heartburn? All of us have experienced these problems and Alka-Seltzer still remains the “go-to” product for relief. This product works quickly to neutralize acid, so you feel better fast.  Get a free coupon and save $1 on any of their products, excluding Alka-Seltzer Plus.

Centrum coupon- If you are like the millions of Americans who do not get enough vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, you need to supplement with a multivitamin. Support brain health, eye health, heart health and more with Centrum. Download a free coupon and save $4 off on any of their products for women, men, kids and seniors.

Debrox coupon- This is an OTC product that safely and effectively removes ear wax. Although some amount of earwax is necessary to keep out unwanted dirt and debris, too much build up can cause discomfort, itchy ears or even some hearing loss. Get a free coupon today and save $2 on your next in-store purchase.

Icy Hot coupon- If you’ve got body aches and pains, there’s an Icy Hot product to help you feel better fast. Their products are designed to help with muscle aches, joint pain, arthritis pain and more. Get your coupons now and save $1 on any Icy Hot product or up to $5 on a specific product.

Inderal LA coupon- This is a medication that is in a class of drugs known as beta blockers. It is prescribed to treat a few different conditions including high blood pressure, chest pain and migraine headaches. We have just added a coupon to our database; eligible people can save up to $100 on their copays and this can be used up to 12 times through 12/31/2015.

Nair coupon- If you have unwanted hair, this product is available in waxes, creams, lotions and gels. And guess what? It’s no longer just for women; they make products for men too. So go ahead and ditch the razor and say good bye to nicks and cuts. Nair will keep your body soft and smooth longer than shaving with razors will. Get your coupon now and save $3 on any 2 products.

Oralair coupon- This medication is used to treat grass allergies in people 10 -65 years old. Available as a sublingual immunotherapy, it helps to treat sneezing, itchy, runny nose, nasal congestion and itchy and watery eyes caused by different types of grass including Sweet Vernal, Kentucky Blue, Orchard and more. We now list a new coupon that may bring your copays to just $25 a month.

Oxtellar XR coupon- This is an extended release medication that is used as an add-on drug to treat children 6 and older and adults who have partial seizures. Although it will not cure epilepsy, it can reduce the amount of seizures someone has. We have added a new coupon that can save you even more money; eligible people will pay just $10 for their prescriptions.

Somatuline Depot coupon- Originally approved to treat people with a condition known as Acromegaly, this injectable medicine is now also approved to treat people with a specific cancer known as neuroendocrine tumors. If you take this medicine, eligible people with insurance might pay as little as $5 for a dose of medicine, which equates to a savings of up to $800 a dose.

Xalatan coupon- This is an eye medication that is used to treat high eye pressure in people with open angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Just one drop a day can help with your condition. Download a Xalatan savings card and eligible people can save up to $75 on their monthly prescriptions through December 2015.

Looking for more drug coupons? Visit today.

We also offer a free drug discount card to all visitors of our site. It can be used on all prescription medications that are not covered by any type of insurance or government program. Plus, it’s accepted ta over 60,000 pharmacies across the U.S.

All New Freebies! Free I-Cool Hot Flash Relief Cloths, Free Viactiv & More!

Thursday, January 15th, 2015
Freebie Friday

Get Your Health Freebies!


Free Advantage II- Keep fleas and ticks off of your dog with Advantage II. This topical application kills fleas in all life stages and works quickly and effectively. It’s waterproof and one application will last for a full month. Take advantage of this offer and save; Buy a 4 pack and get 1 free tube, buy a 6 pack and get 2 tubes free, or buy 2 six packs and just pay for 9.

Free Assurance PurseReady Pack- If you suffer from bladder leakage, these pads will keep you protected so you can go about your day in confidence. For a limited time, Walmart is giving away free samples that fit conveniently in your purse. Choose the size you want; either small/medium or large. Plus, they’ll also send you a coupon that will save you $1 off on your next purchase.

Free Drug Discount Card- If you have no prescription drug coverage or if your particular medication isn’t covered under your plan, you qualify to use this card. It can save people as much as 80% off on prescription medications. Plus, it’s accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies including large retail pharmacies and smaller independent ones.

Free Emergen-C- This is a vitamin drink supplement that helps to support a healthy immune system. Their original formula contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, plus antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals. Many people use this to replenish their bodies after a workout or at the first sign of a cold. Sign up today to request your free sample.

Free Energems- These are chewable chocolate energy supplements. They contain milk chocolate, caffeine, B-vitamins and a proprietary energy blend. Each bite sized Energem contains just 15 calories and they come in 3 different flavors. For a limited time, pay just $2.95 for shipping and handling and get a free box to try.

Free Foot System- If you are embarrassed to wear sandals because your heels are rough and dry looking, we’ve got something for you to try.  The Foot System is designed to soften your skin, leaving you with smooth heels and feet.  Try it out for yourself with this free sample offer.  Pay just $5.95 for S&H, and they will send you a large jar of product that contains 4-6 uses, plus a free pumice bar.

Free I-Cool Hot Flash Relief Cloths- If you are going through “the change”, this product will immediately cool you down. It contains a special blend of essential oils that smell great and bring a sense of calm. Plus, they are alcohol free and paraben free and can be used even on sensitive skin. Get a free sample that contains 15 cloths and cool down with I-Cool.

Free NasalCease- If you suffer from nose bleeds or you’re rough and tough and have topical bleeds from cuts and scrapes, this company makes 2 different products that stops bleeding fast. They are offering free samples of NasalCease and BleedCease. Choose the one you want or choose both. Just pay $1.50 for S& H. They will also send you coupons for future purchases.

Free Renewed Hope in a Jar- Concerned about aging? You’re not alone. Philosophy skin care products are made with proven ingredients that deliver great results. Not only have they come out with a new product, Renewed Hope in a jar- skin renewing moisturizer, but they are offering free samples to all of us. Sign up today, get your sample and enjoy beautiful looking skin.

Free Viactiv- This is a calcium supplement that also contains Vitamin D and Vitamin K. Available in both milk chocolate and caramel flavors, you’ll love these calcium chews. Sign up now to get a free sample while supplies last. In addition, you will receive a free coupon for a future purchase. #BeActiv with Viactiv!

Be sure to visit for more free medication coupons and other free health offers.

Get Your Drug Coupons: Save Money on Colace, Daytrana and More

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015
Get Medication Savings with Drug Coupons!

Save Money at the Pharmacy with Drug Coupons!


Celebrex coupon- This prescription medication treats both Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. It is also prescribed to treat acute pain caused from strains, sprains, etc. One 200 mg pill can fight pain and inflammation for a full 24 hours. Download the free savings card and eligible people will pay just $4 for their monthly prescriptions. This card is good through 12/31/2015

Colace Clear coupon- If you trust Colace products to relieve your occasional constipation, you will love their newest product, Colace Clear. It contains no stimulants, dyes or gluten, making it free of everything you don’t want, just overnight dependable relief. Sign up today and get up to a $5 rebate after you purchase this product.

Curad coupon- If you trust Curad for your cuts and scrapes, you’ll love their newest line of products, Performance Series. If you work hard and play hard, these antibacterial bandages will stay put, while also preventing infection. They come in assorted colors and will bend and move with you. Get a free coupon and save .75 cents off on your next purchase.

Daytrana coupon- This is a medicated patch that is used to treat symptoms of ADHD in children 6- 17 years old. It will last for up to 10 hours, helping to control symptoms like impulsivity, difficulty paying attention and hyperactivity. Eligible patients with insurance or self-pay patients will pay just $20 for each of their 12 prescriptions through 12/31/2015.

Dr. Cocoa coupon- This is an over-the-counter medicine made for children. They make 3 different formulas to help with your child’s cough and cold. All of their products are gluten free, dye-free and alcohol-free and are made with 10% real cocoa, so it tastes great. Download a free coupon today and save $4 off on your next purchase.

Halog coupon- Available in both a cream and ointment, this topical medication is prescribed to provide relief from itching, redness and inflammation caused by certain skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema. It’s made with a special delivery system that works in two phases; the first phase provides quick absorption and begins to works immediately. Phase 2 keeps working after time. Get the free coupon and insured patients will pay just $10; self-pay patients will pay just $50. This offer is good through 5/31/2015.

Minties coupon- Reward your pet and clean their teeth all at the same time. Minties treats help to clean your dog’s teeth, helping to removing plaque and tartar and keeping their breath fresh. These treats are vet approved, are made in the USA and contain no wheat, soy or corn products. Download a free coupon today and save $1 off on Minties or any other Vet IQ product.

NasalCease coupon- This OTC product helps to stop nose bleeds and cut bleeds fast and effectively. Their special technology will help to stop the bleeding fast, absorb a large amount of blood and won’t stick to new clots; therefore eliminating re-bleeds. Print out a sheet of $1 coupons that can be used on 3 different purchases. This offer expires on 12/31/2015.

Scope Mouthwash coupon- It’s not just certain foods we eat that contribute to bad breath, but it is also other factors including dry mouth, infrequent flossing and plaque build-up. Scope mouthwash will help to freshen your breath and kill germs, leaving you with a minty fresh mouth. Download free coupons and save .50 cents on one bottle of Scope or save $1 on 2 bottles of Scope, good for the larger bottle of Classic, Outlast or Sparkle Rinse.

Symbicort coupon- This is an inhaled medicine that is used to treat both COPD and asthma. It helps to improve lung function, which leads to better breathing. It is used as a maintenance medication and not as a rescue inhaler. We have just added a new coupon; eligible, commercially insured people will pay just $25 for their prescriptions. This coupon is good through 12/31/2015.

Looking for other medication coupons than those listed above? Please search our extensive database of OTC and prescription medication coupons.

We also offer a free drug discount card that can save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. It has already saved people over $10 million and it’s accepted at over 60,000 U.S. pharmacies. Print yours out today and start saving money.


Happy Freebie Friday! Get Free Dulcolax, Free Zantac & More

Thursday, January 8th, 2015


Get Your Health Freebies!

Get Your Free Health Offers!

Free Atkins Products- If you are determined to lose weight this year let Atkins help you stick to your plan. With a full range of products including frozen meals, shakes, treats and snack bars, losing weight has never been easier. They are offering a BOGO deal; buy any product and get one free (of equal or lesser price). Plus, if you choose to join their community, you can get recipes, support and more.

Free Cal-EZ Supplement- This is an over-the-counter, powdered calcium and Vitamin D supplement. This product can be easily mixed into your favorite foods and drinks. It has no taste, no calories and zero grit. For a limited time, you can get a free sample to try. They will send you one box that contains 30 packets; 1 packet for each day. Get your free one month supply white they last!

Free Coping with Anxiety App- If you are affected by anxiety, this App can help you deal with and confront your fears. Whether you have social anxiety, test anxiety or you suffer from panic attacks, this can be a very useful tool for both teenagers and young adults. Don’t miss out on life; take charge today. This is available for both iPhones and smartphones.

CVS Free Health Screening- During the month of January, you and your family can come in to a participating CVS pharmacy across the country and get certain health tests performed by a medical professional at no cost to you. In addition to the various free health tests, they will give you a complimentary tote bag and a $5 off coupon for a future purchase. Get a handle on your health!

Free Drug Discount Card- Our discount card is available to everyone at absolutely no charge. As long as your medication is not covered by any type of insurance, you qualify to use it. Please keep in mind that although not every single medication qualifies for a discount, many of them do. We have already saved people over $10 million. Get yours now and redeem it at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country.

Free Dulcolax- If you suffer from occasional constipation, this over-the-counter remedy will not only relieve your constipation but you can also get relief from their gas products as well.  We have just located a free offer that is available for a very limited time. Buy Dulcolax between now and January 12, 2015, and receive a mail in rebate check for the purchase price, up to $10.

Free Eye Glasses- This offer has been extended!! As one of our most popular freebies of 2014, we are very happy to find out that this offer is now good through the end of the year. is offering free specs to first time customers. Choose from the available selection and then enter their special promo code at check out. What’s better than better vision for free?

Free Sam’s Club Health Screening- If getting healthy tops your list of New Year’s Resolutions, then you’ll love this offer from Sam’s Club. This Saturday, January 10th, your Sam’s Club will be offering free health tests that include glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat percentage and vision tests. Start the New Year off right!

Free Zantac- Do you have heartburn? If so, you are not alone. This is a very common condition that affects over 60 million Americans alone. If you use Zantac as your go-to medicine, then we have something you’re gonna love. For a very limited time, when you purchase a qualifying product, you will get a rebate check of up to $11 back. Hurry, you must make the purchase by January 12, 2015.

Free Zarbee’s Immunity Supplement- With cold and flu season in full swing; now would be a perfect time to take a supplement that will help to boost your immunity. Zarbee’s is offering a free sample of their Elderberry Gummy for ages 12 and older or their Mighty Bee Gummy for children 2 and older. This is a Facebook offer.

Be sure to check our website for free medication coupons too.

Get Pharmacy Savings with a Crest Coupon, Mucinex Coupon & More

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
Free Drug Coupons

Free Medication Coupons

Akynzeo coupon- This is a prescription medication that is used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. It is a combination of 2 different drugs; Netupitant and Palonosetron. We have just added a coupon to our database that makes it possible for eligible patients to pay no more than $25 for their prescriptions.

Bepreve coupon- These are medicated eye drops, available by prescription only, to treat itchy eyes caused by allergies. It works by blocking the chemical histamine, which is responsible for these allergic symptoms. Through the eVoucherRX Program, commercially insured people using a participating pharmacy, can save up to $50 on prescriptions.

Crest Sensi-Stop Strips coupon- This is an OTC strip that is used to get pain relief from tooth sensitivity. It contains an active ingredient that is used by dentists to stop the pain. One strip applied along the gum line for 10 minutes can provide relief from cold and hot sensitivity for up to 30 days. Get a coupon and save $2 on your next purchase.

Esbriet coupon- This is a prescription medication used to treat a certain kind of lung disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. This medicine is believed to reduce inflammation and slow the progression of this disease. Find out how eligible people can get 45 days of free medicine.

Exelderm coupon- This is a topical, medicated product that is prescribed to treat symptoms of jock itch, ring worm and athlete’s foot. Available as both a cream and solution, it prevents fungus from growing on the skin. Print out a coupon that can be used both commercially insured people and self-pay patients and save on your monthly prescriptions.

Mucinex coupon- Uggh! Cold and flu season is in full swing. Not only does Mucinex get rid of mucus fast, but they also make products that address sinus pressure, sore throat, cough, fever and their newest product- Mucinex allergy. Get a free coupon today and save $2 off on your next purchase.

Neutrogena coupons- As one of the most recognized skin care companies around; Neutrogena carries a full line of products to help with your hair and skin care regimen. Plus, they also address specific concerns such as acne prone skin, anti-aging and more. Download free coupons today and save money on the products you use every day.

Omeprazole coupon- This is a prescription medicine that is in a group of drugs known as PPIs, or proton pump inhibitors. It is most commonly prescribed to treat GERD and other conditions caused by too much acid in the stomach. If you take prescription strength Omeprazole and it is not covered by insurance, or you have no insurance, this coupon can save you up to 80% off.

Theraflu coupon- According to the CDC, “this year’s flu season has crossed the epidemic threshold”. With that being said, we hope that you have heeded the warnings and gotten your flu shot. If not, Theraflu makes different products that will address your specific symptoms and make you feel better. Download a free coupon and save $1 off on your next in-store purchase.

Yes to Carrots coupon- Looking for skin care products that are at least 95% natural and free of parabens and petroleum? All Yes to Carrots products are never tested on animals and their manufacturers follow the same guidelines. Download free coupons and you choose the savings; save $1.50, $3 or $5.

Looking for more medication coupons? We have the largest database of OTC and prescription drug coupons around. Search now for the ones you need and save.

Don’t forget that we also offer a free drug discount card to all visitors of our site. It costs you nothing and it’s super easy to use-

  • Print it out
  • Hand it to your pharmacist
  • Enjoy the savings