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Fabulous Freebies- Free Alternavites Sample, Free Nivea Samples & More

Thursday, February 26th, 2015
It's freebie friday at!

Get Free Health Samples and Free Medication

Free Alternavites for Kids- Looking for a fun way for your kids to take their vitamins? This is a powdered formula multivitamin that melts in your mouth. It contains no sugar, aspartame or high fructose corn syrup; and its gluten free and contains no GMO ingredients. Register today to get a free sample.

Free California Carrots Dog Supplement- This is a supplement that is added to your dog’s food. It contains minerals and antioxidants to help maintain your dog’s health. Specifically, it aids in digestion and helps with diarrhea. Get a free sample of this supplement today.

Free Drug Discount Card- If you are uninsured or you take a prescription medication and it’s not covered by insurance, print out this free drug discount card. It can save people up to 80% off at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country. Get your card today and start saving money on your medications!

Free Eye Glasses- Is your sight not as clear and crisp as it used to be? Well if you’ve been putting off getting a pair of glasses, now is the perfect time to take the plunge. Through the end of the year, first time customers can get a free pair of glasses. Choose the pair you want from their selection, enter the special promo code and then pay only for S&H.

Free Food and Fitness Planner- If you are serious about losing weight and getting healthy, then eating right and exercising on a regular basis is key. Web MD offers this great tool that will help you track your food and exercise goals. Just plug in some numbers and based upon your goals, they will let you know how much food you should be eating, how much exercise you should be doing and more. Sign up today for this planner today and get healthy!

Free Nivea Samples- Looking for a product that will transform your dry skin into silky smooth and nourished skin? Nivea is a leader in the skin care industry and has been for over 100 years. And to help prove how awesome their products are, they are giving away free samples for you to try. Sign up now and choose between 4 different products including their newest one Nivea In Shower Body Lotion.

Free Ocucel Eye Vitamins- Did you know that as we age, our eyes lose vital nutrients? Although we can eat foods to help maintain eye health, we would have to eat a lot of them. You take a multivitamin to support joint health, immune health and heart health; you also need a supplement for healthy eyes. Get a free sample today and just pay for the shipping and handling.

Free Oraline Toothpaste- Just as it is important to get regular medical check-ups from your doctor, it is equally important to get regular dental check-ups as well. Ignoring your teeth and gums can contribute to other health problems, including heart disease. Answer a few questions about your oral health practices, and you will be rewarded with free travel size toothpaste.

Free Premama Supplement- This is a prenatal supplement mix that is made for people who have trouble swallowing pills. It’s made with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B6, which helps to reduce morning sickness symptoms like vomiting and nausea, while also contributing to your baby’s growth and development. Get 2 free samples today!

Free Soothing Sleep Sounds App- If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep due to traffic, noisy neighbors or other disruptions, this free App might do the trick. Brought to you by the makers of MidNite sleep aid, they offer  17 different soothing sleep sounds, continuous white noise and more. Plus, you can preview the sounds before downloading the app.

Be sure to also search our extensive website of over 14,000 medications to find medication coupons for prescription and OTC drugs.

New Drug Coupons! Get an Afrezza Coupon, Nexium Coupon & More!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015
Save Big at!

Get Big Drug Savings with Drug Coupons!

Afrezza coupon- This inhaled medication is used to treat high blood pressure in people with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. It is a fast acting insulin powder that is taken before meals to help with after meal sugar spikes. Eligible people will pay $0 for their first prescription and then pay no more than $30 for refills. This offer expires on 12/31/2015.

Canasa coupon- This is a rectal suppository, available only with a prescription. It treats a condition called active ulcerative proctitis. Although this medicine will not cure this condition, it has been proven effective in decreasing rectal bleeding and bowel movement frequency. Get a free coupon today and save up to $50 on each of your 12 prescriptions.

Caverject Impulse coupon- This is a prescription medicine used to treat men with Erectile Dysfunction. This injectable medicine is for single use only and is prefilled with the exact amount of medicine you need. Download a free coupon and eligible people can save up to $50 each month, for a maximum yearly savings of up to $300. This offer expires on 12/31/2015.

Lanacane coupon- This is a topical pain reliever that is available over-the-counter. They make a couple of different products: one to help with itching caused by rashes and bug bites and the other is an anti-chafing gel, used to prevent friction caused by skin on skin rubbing or skin on clothes rubbing. Download a free coupon and save $1 off on your next purchase.

MG217 coupon- This is an over-the-counter medicine used to treat psoriasis. It relieves itching, scaling and redness, while also preventing symptom recurrence. Download a free coupon that will save you $1 off on their Medicated Coal Tar Shampoo, Coal Tar Ointment or Medicated Salicylic Cream.

Nexium coupon- This prescription medicine is probably the most recognized brand in treating acid reflux and erosive esophagitis. If you have an excess of stomach acid, and your doctor prescribes this medicine, save even more money than before with this coupon. Qualified people will pay just $15 for a 30 day supply or pay just $30 for a 90 day supply. This coupon expires on 12/31/2015.

Prilosec OTC coupon- Available without a prescription, this medicine helps to relieve your heartburn symptoms. Just one pill, once a day, will help block your frequent heartburn before it hits. It works by turning off the acid pumps in your stomach that produces the acid. Print out a free coupon and save $2 off on your next purchase.

Triumeq coupon- This is an antiviral medication that is used to treat people infected with HIV. It is a combination medication consisting of 3 different medications. If your doctor feels that this medicine is right for you, download a free savings card and you could be eligible for yearly savings of up to $6,000.

TruHeart coupon- This supplement is made with 3 ingredients for optimal heart health: Vitamin D3, Plant Sterols and CoQ10. Together, these ingredients help to lower bad cholesterol and help to support a healthy blood pressure for heart health. Get a free coupon now and save $3 off on your next purchase.

Wellesse coupon- These are liquid supplements that address specific concerns including Bone Health, Joint Health, Digestive Health and more. Say goodbye to swallowing horse pills and try an easier way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Get a free coupon and save up to $4 off on various Wellesse products. offers people another way to save money on their medication. We have a free drug discount card that can save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. To date, this card has saved people over $10 million. Get your card today and start saving money at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country.

It’s Freebie Friday! Get Free Cottonelle, Free Delsym Cough Syrup & More!

Thursday, February 19th, 2015
Register for Your Freebies!

It’s Freebie Friday at

Free Advil PM- If you have pain that is keeping you up at night, this OTC medicine will not only stop your pain, but it will help you to get a good night’s sleep so you are ready to tackle your day in the morning. Sign for a free sample that will give you 2 free tablets.

Free Antinol Dog Supplement- If your dog is approaching their golden years, they may not be able to get around like they did when they were young. This supplement will help to increase your dog’s joint health. This is an all-natural supplement, with no unwanted side effects. Get a free 14 day sample today; just pay $4.95 for shipping and handling.

Free Assurance Purse Ready- Don’t let bladder leakage slow you down and keep you from taking part in the activities you love. Whether you have light bladder leakage or you need a more absorbent pad for larger leaks, there is a product for you that fits discreetly and will keep you fresh and confident all day and all night long. Get a free sample today and try before you buy.

Free Avonex- This medication is available only with a doctor’s prescription. It is a prefilled auto injector that only needs to be administered once a week. It helps to treat MS symptoms including decreasing the amount of flare-ups and slowing physical disability. Eligible people can receive free medicine for 1 month and save money on future prescriptions with an Avonex coupon.

Free Cottonelle Sample – Ok, so maybe you don’t like to “Go Commando” but you are being challenged to get a wipe so confident, you can. Made with a special CleanRipple texture, this bathroom tissue will get you clean.  Create an account today and they will send you a free sample to try.

Free Delsym Cough Syrup- Although coughing is beneficial because it helps clear mucus and other matter from the throat and lungs, it can definitely be a nuisance and sometimes hurt. These products will not only soothe and relieve your cough, but it can also help with other symptoms as well.  Download a rebate form and get a refund back on your purchase, up to $14, from a participating store.

Free Drug Discount Card- We have heard from so many people over the past few years, thanking us for saving them money on their medications. So if you take prescription meds and they’re not covered by any type of insurance, you too are eligible to use this card. Just print it out and bring it with you on your next trip to the pharmacy. If your medication qualifies for a discount the savings will be applied instantly!

Free F.A.S.T. Magnet- Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. and is the leading cause of adult disability. If someone was having a stroke, would you know it?  If someone is having a stroke, FAST, is an easy way to remember the warning signs- Face drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty, Time to call 911. Get your free magnet today and display it in a prominent place.

Free Powerful Mind Supplement- Let’s face it; as we get older, not only are we concerned about keeping our bodies healthy, but we are just as concerned with brain health too. This is a supplement that supports brain health. This product is supposed to help increase concentration and improve memory. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of their page to register for your free sample.

Free Vet Exam and Consultation- Ok, there are just a few short days left to take advantage of this offer. Banfield Hospitals, located inside PetSmart stores, are offering a free pet exam for your pooch. So if you’re just not happy with your dog’s vet, or you’ve moved to a new city and not sure where to bring your dog, this is your opportunity to try a doctor out for free. Hurry, this offer ends on 2/28/2015. is the top site for drug savings. Besides offering lots of health freebies, we also have a huge database of free medication coupons. Search now for the coupons you need and save money at the pharmacy.

Save Money with Mirapex Coupons, Niaspan ER Coupons & More!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015


New Drug Coupons

Save Money on Your Medications with Drug Coupons!

Aptiom coupon- This is an antiepileptic medication that is prescribed to help control seizures. It is used as an add-on drug. We have just added a new offer to our database; eligible people may pay just $10 for their monthly copays, for a savings of up to $75 a month. You may also be eligible for a free trial offer of medicine.

Cambia coupon- This is a medication prescribed to treat migraine headaches. It comes in powder form so once you mix it with water; it dissolves instantly and is quickly absorbed. Not only will it help to relieve your migraine fast, but it will also help relieve related symptoms like nausea and light sensitivity. If you are between the ages of 18 and 64 and have commercial insurance, you may be eligible to save up to $90 on your prescriptions.

Estroven coupon- Are you going through the change? Estroven products have been providing natural relief from menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms for years. In addition to relieving hot flashes and night sweats, it also helps with symptoms including irritability, weight gain and lack of energy. Get a free coupon and save $3 on your next purchase.

Hartz coupon- This company has been around for years, providing top quality products for your pets. In addition to flea and tick medicines, they also make toys, training aids and grooming products. Get free coupons today that will save you $2 off on Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs and Cats or save $1 on any dog pad item.

Mirapex coupon and Mirapex ER coupon- Both of these medications are used treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. They significantly improve both motor function and daily living activities. Mirapex needs to be taken 3 times a day, while Mirapex ER is an extended release version and only needs to be taken once a day. Sign up for the Mirapex Door to Door program and pay no more than $30 for a one month supply. Or, if you take Mirapex ER, you may pay just $10 for your monthly medicine.

Niaspan ER coupon- This is a cholesterol lowering medication that is prescribed when diet and exercise have not been effective in lowering one’s cholesterol. When used along with a low cholesterol diet, it helps to raise good cholesterol levels and lower bad cholesterol levels. It is also prescribed to lower the risk of a heart attack in people who have had a previous heart attack and have high cholesterol. Download the free coupon now and pay just $30 for a 90 day supply or just $15 for a 30 day supply.

NoDoz coupon- This OTC products helps to keep you awake and alert. Whether you are planning a night out on the town, are pulling an all-nighter to study or you have shift work, this is a brand you can trust to do the job. Get a free coupon now and save $2 on your next in-store purchase.

Omeprazole coupon- This Rx medicine is used to treat conditions where there is an excess amount of stomach acid, like GERD. It is also prescribed to help heal a condition known as erosive esophagitis. If you are prescribed this medicine and have no prescription drug coverage, or your medicine is not covered under your plan, download this free coupon that can save you up to 80% off at the pharmacy.

Soothe coupon- These products, available over-the-counter, are made specifically to treat dry eye symptoms. Affecting millions of people in the U.S. alone each year, dry eye is one of the leading causes for a trip to the eye doctor. Download a free coupon today and save $3 on any of their dry eye products.

Welchol coupon- This medicine serves 2 purposes- it lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. Whether you choose to drink your medicine or swallow a tablet, it begins to work in your intestinal tract,  preventing it from being broken down in the liver. Download the free savings card and you choose the savings; Pay just $8 a month for a 3 month prescription or pay just $25 for a month prescription.

Looking for other medication coupons besides the ones listed here? Feel free to search our database of OTC and prescription medications.

We also offer a free drug discount card that can help to save you up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. You can either print one here or feel free to email us at and we will gladly mail you out cards at no cost to you.

Free Advil PM, Free Crestor and More Health Freebies!

Thursday, February 12th, 2015
You'll love these freebies!

Valentine’s Day Freebies!

It’s Freebie Friday! Get your free health samples and free medication trial offers.

Free Advil PM- There’s nothing worse than aches and pains keeping you up at night, not allowing you to get the sleep you need to feel better. That’s where Advil PM comes in; get the sleep you need and the pain relief you need in one dose. We have just located a free sample offer- Sign up today and get 2 tablets at no cost to you. This offer is good while supplies last.

Free Boogie Wipes Give Away- Ah-Choo, it’s cold and flu season and chances are some of your little ones have come home coughing, sniffling and sneezing. If you have small children in the home, why not sign up for a chance to win this giveaway. The lucky winner will receive a Crane Humidifier, a Boogie Wipes and Kandoo Care Package and a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Free Crestor Trial Offer- If you have high cholesterol and a healthy diet and regular exercise have not helped your condition, your doctor may prescribe you this medicine. Known as a statin, Crestor helps to lower bad cholesterol levels, while raising good cholesterol levels. Download this free savings card and eligible people can get 30 days of free medicine. Additionally, you may also be able to pay just $18 for your monthly prescriptions, with this Crestor coupon.

Free Drug Discount Card- If you have no insurance and pay out of pocket for your prescription medicines, you need to get this card. It’s 100% free and it can save you up to 80% off at the pharmacy. This card alone, not including our coupons and freebies, has saved people well over $10 million. Get yours today, share it with a friend and start saving money on your medicines.

Free Emergen C- Whether you are feeling a little run down and you need a boost of energy or you feel a cold coming on, this is the product for you. Personally, I always have this on hand in case anyone in my family starts feeling under the weather. Sign up today to get your sample and enjoy the benefits of this fizzy drink mix.

Free Meta Health Bar- This is a 3 in 1 health bar. It helps to keep you feeling full, so you eat less. It also helps to lower your cholesterol, which is good for your heart health; and it aids in digestive health. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this offer, now is the time. Sign up today and get a free Cinnamon and Oatmeal Raisin bar.

Free My Yoga- How does a free 30-day online subscription to My Yoga on Gaiam TV sound? We thought you’d be excited about it! Just purchase any Stayfree product between now and March 12, 2015, upload an image of your receipt and get your free subscription. If you’re going to buy the product anyway, you might as well get something for it.

Free Nature’s Bounty Beauty Kit- Nature’s Bounty is challenging consumers to try their supplement for healthier and better looking hair, skin and nails. If after 30 days, you don’t see an improvement, they’ll give you your money back. Plus, when you take the challenge, you’ll be entered in their Beauty Kit giveaway that contains almost $200 worth of prizes and goodies.

Free Poise Sample Kit- Light bladder leakage? You’ve come to the right place. Poise pads are made with Super Absorbent Material (SAM), unlike other pads that are used for periods. These pads will keep you drier, therefore giving you your confidence back. Sign up today for the free sample kit that best suits your needs.

Free Vegetarian Starter Kit- “Mercy For Animals is dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies.” If you have been thinking about going vegetarian, but have no idea how where to start, they are giving away a free vegetarian starter kit to get you going in the right direction. Sign up now to get your kit.

Want to save even more money? Search through our database of free medication coupons.

Save Money on Your Meds! Get a Flonase Coupon, a Migranal Coupon & More!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015
Valentine's Day Coupon

You’ll Love the Savings!

Looking for drug savings? Find it here!

Belsomra coupon- This is a prescription medication that has just become available. It is used to help people fall asleep and stay asleep. It works by changing a particular chemical in the brain that affects sleep cycles. If you have a prescription for this insomnia medicine, we can help to save you money on your monthly copays. Download a free coupon and eligible people will pay either $1 or $3 per tablet, depending on what your copay is.

Clariti Contact Lenses- Made by Coopervision, these are disposable contact lenses made for 1 day use. They are made of a silicone hydrogel, which is a healthier alternative than traditional hydrogel lenses, because they allow more oxygen to pass through to your cornea. Download a rebate form and save up to $50 on Clariti 1 day family, 1 day multifocal or 1 day toric.

Dymista coupon- This prescription nasal spray helps to treat people with seasonal allergies. In as quickly as 30 minutes, this combination medication will help to block histamines and reduce inflammation so you feel better fast. Download a free coupon and eligible people with insurance and self-pay patients can save; insured people may pay just $14 for their monthly copays, not to exceed $100 per prescription. Self-pay patients can save up to $100 on each prescription.

Flonase coupon- The wait is over!! Over-the-counter Flonase is now available and we have a coupon for it. Sign up today on their website and you choose the savings; save $2 off on the 60 spray or save $4 off the 120 spray. Don’t suffer through your seasonal allergies- OTC Flonase will help to block 6 allergic substances, opposed to other allergy tabs that block only one!

LiceFreee coupon- This OTC lice removal product contains no toxic chemicals, unlike other lice treatments on the market. Their products consist of a gel, spray and everyday shampoo. It’s safe enough to use on children as young as 6 months old and it doesn’t have that awful smell that chemical treatments have. Download a free coupon and save $2 off on the LiceFreee Spray.

Migranal coupon- For those of you who suffer from migraines, you know how awful and debilitating they can be. This prescription nasal spray can make you feel better in as little as 2 hours and keep you migraine free for up to a full 24 hours. Plus, it can help to reduce your nausea and light sensitivity. We list a coupon for both brand name Migranal and generic Migranal. Most people with insurance will pay $0 for their generic prescriptions made by Valeant. If you prefer brand name Migranal, eligible people will pay just $35. This coupon is good through 12/31/2015.

Pet Dental Cleaning coupon- Just as regular dental check-ups are important to a person’s overall health, the same goes for your dog. Banfield hospitals, located inside PetSmart stores, are offering a discount on your pet’s dental exam. Just fill out your information, and that will generate a $20 off coupon for you to bring with you on your dog’s dental visit. This coupon can also be used to save you money on their Optimum Wellness Plan which includes a teeth cleaning. This offer expires on 4/31/2015.

Purell coupon- Did you know that Purell hand sanitizer kills 99% of common germs? Although nothing takes the place of a good old fashioned hand washing, if you find yourself in a situation with no soap and water, this is the next best thing. And with flu season in effect, I like to use this product for a little bit extra protection. Purchase $10 worth of Purell products and save $3 with this coupon.

Qudexy XR coupon- This medication, available with a prescription only, is used alone or in combination with other drugs to treat certain types of seizures. This is an extended release medicine so one capsule a day, delivers the medicine slowly through your body for 24 hours. Eligible people will pay just $10 a month for each of their 12 prescriptions.

Sucrets coupon- With cold and flu season upon us, you may be suffering with a sore throat, cough and even dry mouth. If you remember Sucrets as a kid, this product is still around today, providing relief to millions of consumers. Download a free coupon today and save $1 off on any of their products. offers more drug coupons than any other site around. If you are looking for savings on other medicines besides those listed above, please search our database today.

In addition to medication coupons, we also offer a free drug discount card that can save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. Print your card today and bring it with you on your next trip to the pharmacy. It has already saved people over $10 million on their medications.

Get Your Health Freebies- Free Breathe Right, Free Fluoxetine & More

Thursday, February 5th, 2015
Freebie Friday

Get Your Health Freebies!

Get your free health samples and free medication trial offers.

Free Alternavites- Did you know that roughly 40% of Americans have difficulty swallowing pills? That’s why Alternavites is such a great alternative to traditional vitamins and supplements. These vitamins and minerals come in powder form and dissolve quickly in your mouth. Sign up today to get your free sample and be sure to also print out the $2 off in-store Alternavites coupon for a future purchase.

Free Argan Oil- Cream of Nature Argan oil is made with certified natural ingredients to give you beautiful, healthy looking hair. Their products include shampoos, conditioners, relaxers and even products for men. Sign up now for a chance to win free sample products.

Free Breathe Right- Does your snoring keep your partner up at night? Does your stuffy nose keep you from getting a good night’s rest? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s time to try Breathe Right. This product will open your nasal passages so you can sleep better. Get a free sample today of either their lavender or extra clear nasal strips.

Free Depends Under Garment- If you suffer from urinary incontinence, it may be hard finding the right product that will help to keep you dry and confident throughout the day. Depends makes underwear and briefs for both men and women. Try them on for size with this free sample offer. It comes with 2 briefs in 2 different sizes, a $2 off coupon for future use and an informational brochure.

Free Drug Discount Card- The free drug discount card can help people to save up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. Although it can be applied to both brand name and generic meds, it does offer a greater savings on generics. It has already saved people over $10 million on their medications; let it do the same for you. Plus it’s accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the U.S.

Free Fluoxetine Trial Offer- Fluoxetine is the generic equivalent of Prozac. It is an antidepressant medication that in addition to treating depression, it also treats panic disorder, OCD and bulimia. Eligible people can get 14 tablets at no cost. This offer is good for 60 mg tablets. In addition, we can also save you money on future prescriptions with this Fluoxetine coupon.

Free Mack’s Ear Plugs- If you are an avid concert goer, a swimmer or you need to wear ear plugs at bedtime to keep out outside noise, these moldable silicone earplugs will be a great choice. Every Monday through Friday on Facebook, you can sign up for a chance to win a free pair of ear plugs. Plus, you get to choose between Ultra, Snore Blocker or DreamGirl.

Free Meta Health Bar- We’re happy to see that CVS has jumped on the bandwagon and is now giving away free health related products. If you missed the Meta Health Bar giveaway that we previously had or if you want another one, sign up today. This is a great tasting healthy snack bar that is made of 100% psyllium husk that will help to lower cholesterol and aid in digestive health.

Free Secret Outlast Deodorant- This product will help to keep you dry and odor free for a full 48 hours. Plus, it promises to not leave any white marks on your clothing. Sign up today to get a free travel size deodorant; just pay .99 cents for shipping and handling. They will also send you a coupon that will save you $1 off on a future purchase, plus an Olay Fresh Effects Shine Minimizing Cleanser. That’s worth a buck, right?

Free Spider Tech Sports Tape- This is a non-medicated kinesiology tape that you apply to your body wherever you feel pain. They’re pre-cut strips that are easy to apply and will stay on all day. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or a stay-at-home mom, this is the ideal product for anyone who has pain. Take advantage of this rebate offer for up to $19.99

Besides free health offers, we also have a huge database of free medication coupons. Search now for the ones you need and save.

New Coupons Including a Fluoxetine Coupon, Motrin Coupon & More!

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015
Get Free Drug Coupons at!

Save Money with Medication Coupons

Get your free drug coupons and save money at the pharmacy.

Auryxia coupon- This prescription medicine is used by dialysis patients to help manage a condition known as hyperphosphatemia, or high phosphorous levels. When this medication is taken, it releases iron in your intestine and removes phosphate. If you take this medicine, the Keryx Patient Plus program can help to reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Eligible people can pay as little as $5 or their co-pays.

Contac coupon- This product makes a few different formulations to help fight your cold and flu. Although the peak of Flu season has passed, it’s not officially over until May. So if you have a stuffy nose, sore throat or hacking cough, get Contac Cold and Flu and download the free coupon that will save you $1. This coupon is good through 4/30/2015.

Dificid coupon- This is an antibacterial medicine that treats a condition known as CDAD, Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea. This medicine is the first pill to be approved in over 25 years to help treat this condition. If you or someone you know has a prescription for this, we have just added a savings coupon that can bring your copays to just $15.

Dramamine coupon- If you suffer from motion sickness, this OTC medicine will treat and prevent all four symptoms: nausea, vomiting, queasiness and dizziness. So whether you experience motion sickness from driving, flying or boating, as long as you have Dramamine with you, you don’t have to miss out on any of the fun. We’ve just added a new coupon that will save you even more money; Sign up for their newsletter and save $1 on any of their products.

Edex coupon- This is a prescribed injection therapy that has been approved to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It begins working within 5-20 minutes of injection and lasts for about one hour. Each cartridge is pre-measured with just the right amount of medicine and requires no mixing or refrigeration. If oral medicines have not worked for you, ask your doctor about Edex and download a savings card that can bring your copays to just $15 a month.

Fluoxetine coupon- Fluoxetine, the generic of Prozac, is an antidepressant medication that is in a group of drugs known as SSRIs. This medicine balances chemicals in the brain that have become unbalanced. Besides depression, it can treat other conditions including OCD, Bulimia and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. We have just added a coupon to our database that can bring your monthly copays to just $28 a month for the 60 mg tablets.

Keri Lotion coupon- If you suffer from dry skin, give Keri Lotion a try. Their products are made to give you soft and smooth skin all day long. Choose from their line of products including their Original Formula that is made up of 5 carefully selected moisturizers, Shea Butter, Shower and Bath, Basic Essentials and Advanced. Get your free coupon now and save $2 on any of these products.

Motrin coupon- If you or your child has pain or fever, Motrin can help you to feel better fast. So whether your pain is a result of arthritis, headache, joint pain or back pain, relief is just a dose away. And there’s also a cold and fever product too. Get a free coupon today and save $1 on Motrin IB or Motrin PM.

Opti-Free coupon- If you wear contact lenses, it is imperative that you clean them properly. Opti-Free Solutions contain a dual disinfecting system to get your lenses clean. Plus it helps to recondition your lenses and it’s proven to reduce lipids. Join the EyeFile system today and get a $4 coupon that can be used on any Opti-Fresh product, 10 oz. or larger.

Zyvox coupon- This medicine is an oral antibiotic. It is used to treat infections including MRSA and cSSSI, Complicated skin and skin structure infection. We have just added a new coupon that can be used for both self-pay patients and commercially insured patients. This is a single use coupon that can save people up to $1,000 in out of pocket costs and it can be used until 12/31/2016.

Need to save money on other medications? Feel free to search our extensive database of medication coupons and get savings on both prescription medications and OTC medications.

Did you know that we also offer a free drug discount card to all visitors of our site? It can be used on prescription medications not covered by insurance. Print yours now and redeem it at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.