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Free Allegra Allergy Medicine, Free Zest Soap and More!

Thursday, April 30th, 2015
It's Freebie Friday!

Get Your Freebies!

Free Allegra- Allergy season is here and that means there are thousands of people who are feeling miserable. Stop the itching, sneezing and watery eyes now. With no prescription needed, this medicine provides 24 hour relief in as little as one hour. This offer won’t be around much longer so get yours today.

Free Drug Discount Card- The drug discount card can help to save you up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. It’s 100% free to consumers and it is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country. Get yours today and start saving money.

Free Garnier Ultra Lift Miracle- Do you wake up in the morning not looking like you had a restful night’s sleep? If so, this may be the product for you. This cream contains key botanical ingredients that help to leave you looking well rested, in addition to having softer skin. Get a free sample now.

Free JustGoGirl Pads- If you have experienced leakage due to a laugh, sneeze or jump, you are not alone. Although urinary incontinence can be embarrassing, there are products that you can use that are discreet and offer great protection. JustGoGirl pads will keep you dry without anyone knowing you are wearing a pad. Get a free 10 pack sample of pads and just pay $2 for the shipping.

Free Playtex Sport Combo Pack- This tampon is made with a special FlexFit technology that moves with your body, delivering outstanding protection. If you’re an active woman who bikes or runs, or who’s just always on the go, you will definitely appreciate a tampon like this. Sign up now and get a free sample.

Free Skin Cancer Screening- Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans will develop some sort of skin cancer over the course of their life? Although it is a common type of cancer, it is very much curable if detected early. Certain doctors across the country are offering skin cancer screenings at no cost. Find one near you.

Free Strattera- This medicine is prescribed to treat children, teenagers and adults with ADHD. It is the only non-stimulant medicine approved for this condition. It may help to improve alertness and decrease hyperactivity and impulsivity. Eligible people can get free medicine for 30 days. Plus, we also list a Strattera coupon that can save qualified people up to $75 per month on their prescriptions.

Free Synacore – This is a probiotic for cats and dogs. It contains specially formulated probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and vitamins which all work together to aid in digestion and better health for your canine or feline. Sign up now to get a free sample.

Free Zest Giveaway- If you are a fan of Zest soap, they are giving away free samples. Just head on over to Facebook, like their page and enter for a chance to win either the men’s or women’s pack. This promotion will end on May 2, so you must act fast.

Free 24Hour Fitness Gym Membership- Do you have a desire to workout but by the time you get to the gym it’s closed? Well stop your excuses now! 24Hour fitness is always open, so you can never use that excuse again. So whether you have some weight to lose, want to be bikini ready for the summer, or you just want to stay in shape, you can get a free gym membership to try.

Our #1 goal is to save people money on their medicine. Search now for medication coupons and free samples and trial offers.

Our Most Requested Freebies! Free Allegra, Free Cialis and More!

Thursday, April 16th, 2015
Register for Free Samples!

Our Most Popular Health Freebies!

Free Acuvue Contacts – If you are planning on making the switch to contacts, give Acuvue a try. In addition to being affordable and comfortable, you will find that they are also very easy to wear. No wonder why they are the contacts most trusted by eye doctors for comfort. Get a certificate for a free pair of lenses and see and feel the difference.

Free Advil PM- If you are having trouble getting to sleep because you are experiencing aches and pain, this over-the-counter pain reliever will ease the pain and help you to get the sleep you need so you can wake up feeling refreshed. Sign up now to get your free sample while they are still available.

Free Allegra Allergy- With such a huge response to this freebie, we’re surprised they still have some available. With allergy season upon us, this OTC medicine provides 24 hour relief in just about one hour. Stop suffering with sneezing, itch and watery eyes and get the brand of medicine that works 2 times faster than Claritin.

Free Astroglide- Looking for a personal lubricant to spice things up? Or maybe you are looking for something to help with vaginal dryness? Their lube is specially designed to soothe, moisturize and last for a long time. Want a free sample? There are six to choose from so we know you’ll find something that’s right for you and your partner.

Free Cialis- Why do we always get an overwhelming response to this freebie??? I wonder. This prescription medicine is used to treat two conditions: erectile dysfunction and symptoms of BPH such as urination frequency, urgency and a weak urine stream. Eligible people can get 30 days of Cialis for daily use ( 2.5mg or 5mg) or get 3 free tablets of 10 mg or 20 mg.

Free Crestor- This prescription medicine is given to patients to lower their cholesterol when lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, have not helped. Known as a statin, it lowers bad cholesterol, while helping to raise good cholesterol. Eligible people can get free medicine for 30 days. Plus, you can continue to save money on your prescriptions with this Crestor coupon.

Free Depends Undergarments- Although urinary incontinence is embarrassing, there are over 25 million Americans who have this condition. Affecting both men and women, it is caused by a few different things including weak muscles that keep your bladder closed, nerve damage and trouble with the prostate. If this is a concern for you or a loved one, get a free sample for men or women.

Free Drug Discount Card- No insurance? No problem! Our savings card can help to save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. It’s accepted at over 60,000 U.S. pharmacies including large retail chain pharmacies and smaller “mom and pop” pharmacies. It has already saved people well over $10 million on their prescription drug costs; let it do the same for you.

Free Secret Deodorant- Do you like the way that this product keeps you dry and odor free? If so, become a Loyalty Rewards member and you can get a free deodorant. Just join the Secret Clinical Strength Loyalty Reward Program and when you buy 4 of these (excluding the trial size) they will send you a voucher for a free one. Just send in the original receipt and the UPC from the box. You’re using the products anyway; you might as well get something for it.

Free Walking Schedule- At we love walking!! In addition to it being a simple exercise that requires no special equipment other than a good pair of sneakers, it provides numerous health benefits including weight loss, stress reduction, reduced risk of heart disease and much more. If you are ready to start walking, download this free 12 week walking schedule today and get on the path to better health. Remember, shoot for 10,000 steps daily; it’s easier to achieve than you think.

We hope that you have been saving money with our website. Hopefully, you have been able to reduce your out-of-pocket costs with our free medication coupons and have discovered some new products with our freebies. Please search our database to find more savings opportunities.

Get Your Allergy Coupons! Save on Allegra, Flonase and More!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015
Allergy Medication Coupons

Save Money on Your Allergy Medicines!

Once again, this year’s allergy season is expected to be a bad one. One main reason for this is due to the longer than usual cold winter. When cold weather lasts into spring, it delays some trees from pollenating. Then, when it does finally start to warm up, all of the trees start pollenating at once.

There are some things that you can do to minimize your exposure to pollen. Keep an eye on the pollen count and avoid going outdoors for extended periods of time when it is high. If you do choose to be outdoors, make sure you change your clothes, shower and wash your hair when you get back inside. Keep your windows in your home and car closed and run you’re a/c. And be sure to take your allergy medications as directed by your doctor.

Below is a list of all the allergy medications that we list coupons for.


Over-the-Counter Allergy Medication Coupons

Advil Allergy coupon                    Nasacort coupon

Alavert coupon                                Nasalcrom coupon

Alaway coupon                                Pediacare coupon

Allegra coupon                                Sinus Buster coupon

Allergease coupon                         Sudafed coupon

Benadryl coupon                            Triaminic coupon

Claritin coupon                               Visine coupon

Contac coupon                                Zicam coupon

Dimetapp coupon                          Zyrtec coupon

Flonase coupon


Prescriptions Allergy Medication Coupons

Bepreve coupon                           Qnasl coupon

Dymista coupon                           Ragwitek coupon

Lastacaft coupon                         Semprex-D coupon

Omnaris coupon                          Zetonna coupon

Oralair coupon


Don’t see a coupon listed for your medicine? Feel free to email us at and we will look for one.

Also, we offer a free drug discount card that can save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. So whether you are uninsured or a particular medication just isn’t covered under your drug plan, you qualify to use the card. Just print it out and bring it with you on your next trip to the pharmacy. If your medication qualifies for savings, the discount will be applied instantly.

Get Your Freebies! Free Alternavites, Free Simple Skin Care & More!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015
Get Your Free Health Samples and Free Offers!

Happy Freebie Friday!

Free Accu-Chek FastClix Lancing Device- This product makes it easy and virtually pain free for people with diabetes to self- monitor. In fact, it’s the only 1 click lancing device made with a drum of six preloaded lancets. This way, you never have to handle individual lancets. Just buy 1 box of Accu-Chek lancets and get a lancing device at no cost.

Free Alternavites Vitamins- Looking for a fun way for your kids to take their vitamins? This is a multivitamin that can be added to water or you can pour it directly onto your tongue where it will dissolve. Their vitamins are sugar free, gluten free and vegetarian. Get a free sample while supplies last.

Free Cottonelle- If you want to experience a clean that would make you confident enough to “go commando”, Cottonelle’s CleanRipple Texture toilet paper will get you that clean. Challenge a friend on Facebook and you both will get a free sample. Or, you can just sign up for the sample for yourself.

Free Drug Discount Card- If you have no insurance and pay full price for your prescription medications, please print out this card. It’s absolutely free and it could save you up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by any type of insurance. Plus, it’s accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country.

Free Feiba NF Medicine- This medicine is known as an Anti-Inhibitor Coagulant Complex. It is used to prevent bleeding or to decrease the amount of bleeding episodes in people with Hemophilia. Eligible people can get 6 free doses of medicine. Continued copay assistance is also available with this Feiba NF coupon.

Free Nivea Moisturizer- These free samples are going quick. The only one that is still available is the Nourishing In-Shower Body Lotion. After washing your body, while you’re still in the shower, apply the lotion, rinse it off and dry your body. You will notice how moisturized your skin feels, without the sticky feeling. Get your sample now.

Free Rixubis Medicine- This medicine is prescribed to treat adults and children with Hemophilia B. It is used to prevent bleeding episodes and has been shown to decrease your yearly bleed rate. Eligible people can get 4 free doses of medicine. Plus, we also list a Rixubis coupon that can lower your copays over the course of a year.

Free Simple Skin Care- This is one of their newest products that will help to hydrate your skin as it gently, but effectively cleans it.  Although you may apply moisturizer faithfully, the sun, certain weather conditions and even the air conditioner can dry out your skin. Simple Skin Care Micellar Cleansing Water contains triple purified water to aid in the hydration process. Get a free sample now.

Free Transition Trial Decals- Thinking about using transition lenses for your glasses? Here is a great way to see if you like the way they work. Transition lenses are designed to quickly darken when exposed to the sun’s UV light and then change back again when you go inside. They are available in practically every frame and material. Sign up now for a free trial.

Free Zing Sweetener- This is a zero calorie sweetener made from dextrose and stevia plant extract. They make a single serve packet that you can use to sweeten coffee, tea or another food or beverage. Plus, they also make a product that you can use for baking. Sign up now to get a 2 free packet sample, plus they’ll send you a $1.50 coupon for a future purchase.

Besides free health samples and free medication trial offers, we have a huge database of medication coupons. Search now for the coupons you need and save money on your medicine.

Calendula Coupon, OxyContin Coupon and More Drug Coupons

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015
Free Medication Coupons

Get Your Drug Coupons and Save!

Calendula coupon- Available as a cream, gel, lotion and ointment, these topical OTC products help to heal minor skin irritations, sunburns and minor cuts. Each product provides certain relief from what ails you, so be sure to see which one will best suit your needs and then print out a coupon that will save you $2.50 off on the cost of your next purchase.

Crest 3D White Strips coupon- If you feel that your teeth are not as white as they can be and you feel like they are aging you, it’s time to do something about it. These white strips will give you a beautiful smile, with whiter teeth, in as little as 3 days. Download a free coupon and save $7 when you make an online purchase at or

Eurax coupon- This medicine is prescribed to treat dry and itchy skin caused by multiple skin conditions including hives, eczema, chicken pox and scabies. Available in both a cream and lotion, one is used for spot treatment while the other can be used for a larger area of the body. Download a free savings card and commercially insured people and self-pay patients can save money on their copays.

Luzu Cream coupon- This is a prescription antifungal cream that is used to treat athlete’s foot between the toes, jock itch and ringworm. Applying this topical medicine to the affected areas will relieve symptoms of itchiness, redness and peeling in as little as 2 weeks. We have just added a new coupon that provides even greater savings; eligible people will have a $0 copay.

Monistat coupon- Monistat makes a full line of over-the-counter products that treat and cure vaginal yeast infections, as well as products that promote vaginal health. Download free coupons and save money on all of their feminine care products. Take care of down there.

OxyContin coupon- This is a narcotic pain reliever, available only with a prescription, to treat moderate to severe pain. This medicine is used to treat around the clock pain, not breakthrough pain and is usually given when other pain relievers have failed to provide pain relief. Print the savings card and eligible patients can save up to $70 on their prescriptions, after paying the first $45.

Pet Armor Plus coupon- This is a topical flea and tick medication for dogs and cats that kills fleas, ticks, eggs, larvae and chewing lice for up to one month. Although it is available without a prescription, it contains fipronil and methopene, the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus, but at a much more affordable price. Download a coupon and save $5 off on your next purchase.

Pet Dental Cleaning coupon- Did you know that your dog’s oral hygiene is just as important as our own? Neglecting to care for their teeth can lead to periodontal disease, a common problem in middle-aged dogs. Get a free coupon that will save you $20 on a pet dental cleaning at Banfield Pet Hospitals, located inside Pet Smart Stores.

Taclonex Topical Suspension coupon- This is a topical medicine that is prescribed to treat plaque psoriasis of the scalp and body. It is a combination medication that when applied once daily, can improve the condition of the affected area in as little as 2-4 weeks. Eligible people with insurance or self-pay patients can save. Most people with insurance will have a $0 copay; cash payers may save up to $300 off the cost of the prescription.

Visine coupon- This is an over-the-counter eye drop that soothes eye allergies and other eye irritations. So whether you stayed up all night and your eyes are bloodshot or you have allergies or suffer from dry eye, there’s a product that will help your eyes look and feel better. Download a free coupon and save $1.50 on any of their products. lists more medication coupons than any other site around. We are constantly adding and updating our database to provide you with great medication discounts. Search now for the coupons you need and save money at the pharmacy.

We also offer a free drug discount card that can save consumers up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. Print out the card now and redeem it at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country.

Free Cerave, Free Vytorin and More Health Freebies!

Thursday, April 9th, 2015
Get Your Free Samples and Free Trial Offers!

Get Your Health Freebies Now!

Free Allegra Allergy Medicine- With allergy season already upon us, if you have not yet taken advantage of this free offer, now is the time to do so. This allergy medicine delivers up to 24 hours of allergy relief in as little as one hour. Get a free sample today and relieve yourself of the sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes.

Free Astroglide- Looking for a personal lubricant for you and your partner? Astroglide is one of the most recognizable names of lubes available. Whether you are trying to combat vaginal dryness or just wanna spice things up in the bedroom, they’ve got a full line of products to support your needs. Get a free sample today and feel the difference.

Free Cerave Moisturizer- Developed by researchers and dermatologists, this is the first skin care brand to contain essential ceramides, cholesterol and fatty esters; all of which are essential to healthy skin. Replenish and protect the skin barrier with their moisturizers and face washes and be ready to welcome beautiful skin. Sign up now for a free gift box which contains a moisturizing cream and hydrating cleanser.

Free Colagen Replenish Powder- This is a flavorless powder that dissolves instantly into water or juice. It is made with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, helping to reduce wrinkles and to maintain your skin‘s elasticity. Sign up today for a free sample.

Free Drug Discount Card- If your prescription medication isn’t covered by insurance, this savings card can help to save you up to 80% of at the pharmacy. No activation required; it’s all set to go and save you money. Redeem it at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country including Rite-Aid, Target and Walmart and small independent pharmacies as well.

Free Eye Glasses- Get Your first pair free! New customers can get a free pair of glasses at no cost. All of the free ones come with 1.50 single vision lenses, free anti scratch coating and a protective case and cloth. Get this offer now and just pay the shipping and handling charge.

Free Health Screening at Sam’s Club- This Saturday, April 11th 2015, head on over to a Sam’s Club near you. Members can get a free health screening which includes glucose, total cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat percentage. Don’t delay; take charge of your health today.

Free Janumet- This RX medicine is prescribed to help control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. It is a combination medication consisting of both Metformin and Sitagliptin. This medicine helps your pancreas produce more insulin and it also helps your body to use the insulin it produces more effectively. Eligible people can get a free trial of medicine plus save money on future prescriptions with the same Janumet coupon.

Free LeanHemp Protein Pack sample- Looking for a protein powder that is organic, vegan and delivers outstanding results? This is it. It contains 20 grams of protein in each serving. Sign up now for a free sample and choose between three different flavors.

Free Vytorin- This prescription medicine is used to lower cholesterol levels. It contains 2 different medications: ezetimibe and simvastatin. It works by lowering the 2 causes of high cholesterol- family history and the foods we eat. Qualified patients can get a free trial of medicine. Plus, you can save money on future prescriptions with a Vytorin coupon.

No site saves you more money on your medications than And, no site has more coupons than we do. Search now for the medication coupons you need and start saving money on your medications.


Get a JointFlex Coupon, Viibryd Coupon and More Drug Savings!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015


Free Drug Coupons

Save Money with Medication Coupons!

Allergease coupon- This is an all-natural herbal lozenge that helps to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. It is made with natural ingredients such as Eyebright, Plantain, Elderflower, Nettle, Vitamin C and Menthol; all of which help to ease and relieve your pesky allergy symptoms. Sign up for their newsletter and get a $1 off coupon.

Benadryl coupon- This is an OTC medicine that is used to relieve allergy symptoms and itchiness. Used topically, it helps relieve itchiness caused by bug bites, minor cuts, minor burns and poison ivy. Taken orally, it relieves nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes and sinus pressure. Get a free coupon and save $1 on any of their products excluding trial size.

Clonazepam coupon- This is a prescription medication in a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. It is usually prescribed to treat seizures and panic disorders but it is also prescribed for Restless Leg Syndrome and alcohol withdrawal. Self-pay patients can download a Clonazepam savings card that can save them up to 80% off on their medicine.

Cosentyx coupon- This medicine has recently been approved by the FDA to help treat moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. It is injected under the skin and it is a first line biologic treatment for psoriasis patients. We have just added a coupon to our database that can significantly reduce copays. Eligible people with insurance may have a $0 co-pay, with a max yearly savings of up to $16,000.

Eligen B12 coupon- This is a prescription medicine that is given to people with a Vitamin B12 deficiency. People who are deficient in B12 are so because they do not eat enough of the foods rich in B12 or because their bodies do not absorb the vitamin like it should. Eligible people will pay just $45 for their prescriptions through 12/31/2015.

Gold Bond coupon- For over a hundred years, this company has been making products to help keep you cool, dry and itch free. Whether you are looking for their medicated powder or lotion or you need Gold Bond Ultimate, you can save money on either product. Download a free coupon and save $1 off on your next purchase.

JointFlex coupon- This is an over-the-counter, topical cream that relieves arthritis pain and muscle pain. It contains special Fusome skin delivery technology, consisting of Camphor and Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate, so you get relief quickly and safely. Get a coupon now and save $2 off on Joint Flex or Joint Flex Ice.

Omeprazole coupon- This RX medication is in a group of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors. It works by decreasing the amount of acid in the stomach, which can lead to GERD and other gastrointestinal issues. It is also prescribed to help heal erosive esophagitis. If you are a self-pay patient with no health coverage or if your medication isn’t covered by your plan, download this savings card for deep discounts of up to 80% off.

Sudafed coupon- This is an OTC decongestant that helps to relieve sinus pressure, pain and congestion. It works by shrinking blood vessels in the nasal passages so you can breathe easier. So whether you have a cold or allergies, this product can provide 12 hour and 24 hour relief for you and your little one. Get a free coupon today and save $1 off on your next purchase of Sudafed or Sudafed PE and save $2 off on any of their children’s products.

Viibryd coupon- This is an antidepressant that is in a class of drugs known as SSRIs. It works by affecting chemicals in the brain that may have become unbalanced. If you suffer from depression, your doctor may prescribe you this medicine to improve your sleep, mood, appetite and increase your energy. Eligible people can save up to $50 on each prescription through the end of 2015.

Looking for more medication coupons? Please search our database to find savings for both prescription and OTC medications.

We also offer a free drug discount card that can save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. Just print it out and bring it with you on your next trip to the pharmacy. If your medication qualifies for a discount, the savings will be applied immediately.

Free Allegra Allergy, Free Playtex Sport and More Freebies!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015
Get Your Freebies

It’s Freebie Friday!

Free Allegra Allergy- This OTC allergy medicine provides up to 24 hour relief from your worst allergy symptoms. One pill, once a day will keep your sneezing, itchy nose and watery eyes at bay. With spring allergy season already upon us, you should take advantage of this free sample.

Free Anoro Ellipta- This is a prescription inhaler that is used to treat patients with COPD. This medicine makes it easier for patients to breathe, for up to a full 24 hours. It contains 2 different long acting bronchodilators in 1 inhaled medicine, making it the first of its kind approved by the FDA. Eligible people can get a free 30 day trial of medicine plus savings on future prescriptions.

Free Assurance PurseReady- This is a feminine product for women who have light bladder leakage. Not only does it have a special odor guard, but it also looks and feels like regular underwear. Sign up for a free sample today and choose between the small/med kit or the large size kit. You will also get a coupon for future use.

Free Drug Discount Card- The free drug discount card can help to save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. It’s accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the U.S. including large retail chain pharmacies like Walgreens and Walmart and smaller independent ones too.

Free Foot System- If rough, dry feet are keeping you from wearing sandals, check this out.  This product is made to soften your skin, leaving you with smooth heels and feet.  Try it out for yourself with this free sample offer.  You will get a large jar of product that contains 4-6 uses, plus a free pumice bar. Just pay $5.95 for shipping and handling.

Free L’Oréal Ultimate Straight- It seems as if everyone wants to have straight, sleek hair but a professionally straightening process can easily cost you around $300 or more. This product, made with Keratin-tourmaline, “seals in the straight” for up to 48 hours. If you have frizzy, unruly hair this is the product for you. Sign up now to get a free sample and see for yourself how straight and healthy your hair can be.

Free Namenda XR- This is a prescribed medication used to treat people with Alzheimer’s. Although it will not cure the disease, it can improve symptoms such as memory, awareness and the ability to perform everyday tasks. Eligible people can get a free 30 day supply of medicine.

Free Oraline Toothpaste- Ideal Dentistry is looking for you to help them with a survey. Just answer a few questions about your dentist and how often you go and in return for your participation, they will send you a free sample of toothpaste. Get this offer now.

Free Playtex Sport- Active women need a feminine care product that will move with them, while still getting superior protection. That’s exactly what this product provides. Available in a liner, pad, and tampon, these feminine care products are made with “Flexfit” technology so it twists and turns with your body. Sign up now and get a free sample.

Free U by Kotex- Don’t like Playtex products? That’s ok; we’ve got another one for you to try. U by Kotex also has a full line of products including pads, liners, tampons, tweens and wipes. They all provide great protection as well as a comfortable fit. Sign up for a free sample pack today and try some on for size and protection.

Besides free medication trial offers and free health samples, we also have a huge database of free medication coupons. Search now for the ones you need and stop paying full price for your medications.