About Medication Coupons

For years, the pharmaceutical companies have been using medication coupons for the following reasons:

  • to increase the affordability of their medications
  • to use as marketing collateral for their reps to give to doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • to increase customer retention

Medication coupons vary greatly in their consumer value. Some are worth a specific dollar amount. Some medication coupons offer free refills for a certain amount of time. Regardless, all medication coupons offer consumers the ability to save money.

Medication Savings

Medication Savings

During tough economic times, we want the public to have every opportunity to save. We look forward to providing you and your family with the opportunity to save $$ on medication expenses. Since medication can be so expensive, we realize that a medication coupon can make the difference between being able to buy the medication you need vs. doing without it.

Whether you choose to download and print medication coupons from our website; or you choose to have them delivered to your cell phone, we hope you will visit MedicationCoupons.com before each and every medication purchase. Please tell everyone you know about our website. We look forward to helping you in the years to come.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000833586440 Kathy Connor

    for all my friends and family that needs help paying less for prescription and over the counter medicine purchases go here and get a drug discount card you can save some money .you use this card at your pharmacies with your prescription it could save you more then your ins. is making you pay . I think you use this or your ins. not both you could save 80% off the price of the prescription .

  • paul

    no coupons appear for Duragesic Patch

  • John Begley

    I am trying to find help with my medication, which is Suboxone tablet. I have tried the film, but it is just not the same. I have also had problems with the film: I’ve gotten packets that were completely empty, packets that contained films which were torn to bits, and packets with partial films. I started the Suboxone program to mainly control pain without having some of the issues that I’ve had in the past with addiction. Is there any financial help for the tablet? Please help! The drug has completely changed my life!! I cannot stop my therapy, but it is breaking the bank on the cost of the tablet.

  • Michelle Toussaint

    I’ve been trying to get updates on “side effect” of ” clexane” s c on the system. Can you help?

  • Michelle Toussaint

    Can someone actually die if he misses one dose of clexane? what side effect does clexane has on someone? Age between 40-60 yrs

  • http://medicationcoupons.com/ Sandra Skinner

    Hi Michelle,

    I suggest contacting the prescribing doctor or your pharmacist for this information.