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Diabetes Awareness Month- Save on Everything Diabetes!

Friday, November 8th, 2013
Daibetes Savings

Save on Everything Diabetes!

November is Diabetes Awareness month!

In the U.S. alone, there are about 26 million children and adults who have diabetes. There are another 79 million people with prediabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes. In the U.S. alone, this condition costs a staggering $245 million.

We have always worked hard to save people money on their medications. As far as diabetes medications go, we have a lot of coupons and free offers for diabetes related products including oral medications, injectables, blood glucose meters, test strips and more.


Oral Medications

Cycloset                      Juvisync                  Onglyza

Glumetza                    Invokana                Oseni

Janumet                      Kazano                   Riomet

Januvia                       Kombligyze            Tradjenta

Jentadueto                 Nesina                    Victoza


Injectable Medications

Apidra                                  Humapen Luxura                    Symlin Pen

Bydureon                            Lantus Solostar Pen                 V-GO Insulin

Byetta                                   Levemir                                     Victoza

Humalog                              Novolog

Humalog Kwikpen             Novolog Flex Pen


Blood Glucose Meters

Accu-chek Nano

Bayer A1C Now SelfCheck System

Bayer Breeze 2 Meter

Bayer Contour Next EZ meter

Freestyle Insulinx Meter

Freestyle Meter

Nova Max Plus


Test Strips

Accu-chek                                                      BG Star Blood Glucose Test Strips

Bayer Contour                                               FreeStyle Test Strips

Bayer Contour Next                                     Nova Max Glucose Test Strips

Bayer Breeze 2


Misc Diabetes Products

BD Ultra Fine Nano pen needles                        Extend Nutrition

Blood sugar control kit (Free)                             Gold Bond Diabetic

Glucerna                                                                  Journey for Control Tools

Dex 4                                                                        Living w/Type 2 Diabetes Program (Free)

Diabetaid                                                                 Phase Plus Foot Therapy

Diabetes ID Necklace (Free)                               Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test (Free)

Diabetes Nutrition Program (Free)                   Zim’s Crack Cream

Eating Well w/Diabetes cookbook  (Free)


Looking to save money on other medications? Search our database of over 14.000 medications to find the medication coupons you need.

We also offer a free drug discount card can help to save consumers up to 80% off on prescription meds not covered by insurance. Our card has been directly responsible for saving consumers over $10 million, so far.

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Free Diabetes Offers for Diabetes Awareness Month!

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Diabetes is a disease that is characterized by high glucose levels that result in the body’s inability to properly use or produce insulin. This disease affects more than 25 million Americans and that number is expected to grow. Since November is Diabetes Awareness Month, we have decided to list all of the free diabetes related products that we currently offer. Register for these offers and take control of your condition.

Diabetes Awareness Month

Register for Free Diabetes Offers

Free BD Ultra Fine Nano Pen Needles- BD Ultra Fine Nano Pen Needles have been designed for in improved injection experience. If you would like to get a free sample, please register now. This offer is for the 4mm 32G Nano Pen Needles.

Free Blood Sugar Control Kit- Newly diagnosed with diabetes and having trouble taking control? Register for this free Blood Sugar Control Kit. Included in this kit is a blood sugar diary, a meal planning guide and more.

Free Diabetes Meal Planner- If you have diabetes, you know that you need to control your weight. You can customize this meal planner to make it easier to follow the diet designed for you. Your planner will include delicious recipes for all meals.

Free Freestyle Lite Meter- To get a free Freestyle Lite Meter, just become a Freestyle Promise Member. There’s no cost to join and you can receive special perks like a meter, co-pay savings on test strips and more.

Free Freestyle Freedom Lite Meter- If you would like to get a free Freestyle Freedom Lite Meter, just register for their Promise Program. Not only will you get a Meter at no cost but you will also get co-pay savings on their test strips, access to certified diabetes educators and more.

Free Glucose Meter- Interested in getting a free glucose meter? Register to see if you qualify. Hurry, this meter offer is only for a limited time.

Free Level Foods Starter Kit- This free Level Foods Starter Kit comes with everything to raise low blood sugar fast. Contained in the kit is a fast acting glucose gel, a “Keep Moving Forward” guidebook and a coupon for future use.

Free Living with Type 2 Diabetes Program- Enroll now into the free Living with Type 2 Diabetes Program. For 12 months you can receive informational packets, 3 free issues of Diabetes Forecast magazine, healthy recipes and more. Sign up for this offer and take control of your diabetes.

Free FreeStyle Lite Test Strips- If you would like to get 10 free FreeStlye Lite Test Strips, just join the freestyle Program. In addition to getting free test strips, you will also receive co-pay savings on future purchases of test strips.

Free 28 Day Diabetic Meal Plan- A big component of managing your diabetes is controlling your weight. Register now to get a free 28 day diabetic meal plan. This plan has nutritionist approved low carb recipes and daily menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Free Nova Max Plus Glucose Meter- The Nova Max Plus Glucose Meter allows you to test glucose and ketones on the same meter. Interested in getting a free meter? Just fill out a short form and in addition to receiving a meter at no cost, you can also get promotional offers and info from Nova Diabetes Care. has many money saving drug coupons for diabetes medications and other prescription and non-prescription medications. Search our database today.

Diabetes & Healthy Holiday Eating

Thursday, December 8th, 2011
Diabetes & Healthy Holiday Eating

Healthy Holiday Eating

Diabetes is one of the leading diseases plaguing us today. It is estimated that 29 million Americans have some type of diabetes, and another 8 million have diabetes but have not been diagnosed. With the holidays in full swing, many people with diabetes have a tough time sticking to their healthy habits during this season. However, with careful planning and some discipline, you can start the New Year with no regrets.

Although planning a holiday dinner is no easy task, you may be the one that wants to host it. This would give you more control of what foods are on the table. If there is already a designated holiday home, and it’s not yours, offer to bring a couple of healthy dishes. This will ensure that there will be something you can eat. And lets not forget that everyone will benefit from eating healthier… not just those with diabetes!

There are simple swaps that you can make to aid in healthy diabetic eating. For starters, you may want to remove the skin from the turkey and; swap out whole grains for refined grains. With the supermarket shelves lined with healthier alternatives, this should be easy. Choose whole wheat rolls from the bakery; and make oven baked potatoes instead of mashed potatoes. This will eliminate all the butter and milk that you would normally use. And of course, load up on fresh veggies, sans fancy sauces and butters. Providing you use the right fresh herbs and seasoning, you shouldn’t feel like your missing out and honestly, I think your guests will likely feel a little less guilty themselves.

Now to the desserts- sweet foods contain a large amount of carbohydrates in small servings. That’s why if you are going to have it, there is no reason that you can’t have a small slice of your favorite dessert. However, if want to try to make a low sugar version of your favorite cake or pie, simple swaps can make a big difference. Try using applesauce in place of oil; using artificial sweeteners instead of real sugar; and use skim milk instead of whole milk. You can also serve some seasonal fresh fruit- just go easy on it since fruit is naturally high in sugar.

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or you have been living with it for quite sometime, there is no need to feel like you can’t enjoy holiday eating. With so much information in the news regarding healthy living and healthy eating, you too can enjoy the feasts of the holidays, providing it is done in moderation.