Get Our NEW Free Drug Discount Card- Up to 85% Off!


Time to get Our New and Improved Free Discount Drug Card! Offering even more savings, you can now save up to 85% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance.

Although Obamacare was helpful in allowing millions of people access to affordable healthcare, there were still many people who were uninsured. And now with the present state of our country’s health care in limbo, our free drug discount card is still a game changer for those who either have no health insurance or whose copays are still too high for them to afford their medications. Plus, with prescription drug prices on the rise, this may be a great option for you.

Remember, this card can only be used by people whose prescription medications are not covered by any type of insurance. However, if you do have prescription medication coverage and your copays are high, you can opt out of going through your insurance; pay the cash price and use our card for savings. Plus, you can find out ahead of time what the cost will be by just asking your pharmacist.

Instantly Print the free discount drug card and redeem it at your local pharmacy. Most pharmacies have been contracted to accept our cards. Be sure to present it at check out and ask them to apply the savings. If by some chance the pharmacist technician has some questions about the card, there is a help desk number printed directly on the card. Plus, the same drug discount card can be used again and again. Be sure to tell your friends and family, as we know they would love the savings our card can offer them too.

Download our free discount drug card today and save up to 85% off in over 60,000 Pharmacies Nationwide including Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid and most chain & independent pharmacies.

Don’t forget; we also have a huge database of free medication coupons for both prescription medications and over the counter medications. Search today and save!

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