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Drug Coupons

Memorial Day Coupons!

Bayer Aspirin- This medicine has been around for years, relieving pain and offering heart healthy benefits. Sign up today and instantly receive a free coupon that will save you $1 off on any Bayer aspirin product 24 count or more.

Edarbi coupon- This is a medicine prescribed to treat high blood pressure in adults. It works by relaxing the blood vessels, so the blood flows more freely. Eligible people will pay just $25 for their monthly prescriptions.

Edarbyclor coupon- This combination medication contains the same medicine as Edarbi, but it also contains chlorthalidone, a diuretic, which helps to flush out extra fluid from the body. Get the savings card and if eligible, pay no more than $25.

Idelvion coupon- This prescription medicine is used to prevent bleeding episodes in people with Hemophilia b. It is also sometimes given before surgeries. Qualified patients can get a free trial of medicine and/or get continued copay savings.

Kovaltry coupon- This is a medicine that is used to help treat people with hemophilia A, whose blood doesn’t clot on their own. Qualified patients can get up to 6 free doses of medicine, delivered directly to your home.

Metamucil coupon- This is a fiber supplement that contains psyllium fiber to help relieve constipation. It is also used to maintain healthy blood sugar and lower cholesterol. With this free coupon, save as much as $5 off depending on the amount you buy.

Oxytrol for Women coupon-  This is an OTC product that helps to relieve symptoms of over active bladder including urinary frequency, urgency and incontinence. Get the free coupon and save $2 off on a 4 count or larger or save $4 off on 8 count only.

Tinactin coupon- This is an OTC antifungal medication that relieves the itching and burning associated with athlete’s foot. Get the newest coupon and save $1 off on any Tinactin product.

Vitekta coupon- This is a prescribed medicine that is used in conjunction with another similar medicine to treat people with HIV. Download the Gilead savings card and if eligible, you may be able to receive copay assistance to help pay for your medication.

Vivarin coupon- Have trouble staying focused? This OTC product contains functional caffeine, giving you the mental energy you need to get through your day. Get the coupon and save $2 off on a 40 count bottle of Vivarin.

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