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Nexium is a prescription medication that provides relief from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), frequent heartburn and other diseases in which there is an excess amount of stomach acid. If you have been prescribed Nexium and are looking for Nexium coupons, can help.

Get a Free Nexium coupon & Free Nexium Assistance Information

Nexium 40mg & Nexium 20mg

In addition to listing thousands of medication coupons, we list a Nexium coupon that is offered by the manufacturer of Nexium. This Nexium coupon offer can save eligible patients up to $50 per month off the cost of their Nexium medication, up to 12 refills. To access this Nexium coupon click here:

In addition to the Nexium coupon, we also offer the free discount drug card. The free discount drug card can be used on all medications that are not covered by insurance. To learn more about the free discount drug card and instantly print it, please click on the link:

If you are prescribed Nexium but can’t afford to pay for it, you may be eligible for Nexuim assistance. Nexium Assistance Programs offer free and low cost Nexium medication to people who can’t afford it. To learn more about the Nexium Patient Assistance Program; and to see if you are eligible to receive free or low cost Nexium, please follow the link:

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  • Lisa P.

    I love your ROCKS! Not only did i save $50 with your Nexium coupon, but i printed out 2 coupons for OTC drugs and I got the free discount drug card too. I will tell everyone i know about you guys!

  • http://YAhoo Nicole

    I’ve just been subscribed nexus and have no insurance and currently unemployed so I can’t afford the $208 I was told it would cost me please help if there are any programs to help me

  • admin

    Hello Nicole-

    Thank you for your post. Please look on for information on Nexium Patient Assistance programs.