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Patient Assistance

The # 1 goal at is to help people save money on medication. In this newsletter, we are focusing on how thousands of people receive FREE medication from patient assistance programs.

Do you qualify to receive free medication?

Does anyone in your household qualify to receive free medication?

Find out as we explore Patient Assistance Programs..

Each year, thousands of people receive discounted or free medication from patient assistance programs or PAPs. Pharmaceutical companies develop patient assistance programs to provide prescription medications to uninsured or under insured patients who have difficulty affording them. Annually, patient assistance programs are responsible for giving away millions of dollars in prescription medications. Patients must meet specific guidelines in order to qualify for patient assistance. Two general guidelines that most patient assistance programs require are the following:

  • Your family’s income must be within 200% of federal poverty guidelines.
  • Private insurance or a government program must not cover the medication(s) you apply for.

In addition to the guidelines mentioned above, each patient assistance program has its own set of specific requirements and mandatory paperwork. Guidelines can change and the number of patients accepted into PAPs can be limited. For eligibility guidelines and application information for over 200 PAPs, is a great resource.

Knowing that over 40 million Americans are uninsured or under insured, it may raise the question “why aren’t more people enrolled in patient assistance programs?” There are a couple of possible reasons. One potential reason could be that the vast majority of potential enrollees do not know that Patient assistance programs exist. Another potential reason could be that many patients find the applications and enrollment paperwork tedious and potentially confusing- especially for those needing to apply for multiple medications. Although it is possible to navigate the paperwork and apply for patient assistance on your own, many people benefit from Patient Assistance Administration and Advocacy services. Patient Assistance Administration and Advocacy services specialize in getting qualified people enrolled in patient assistance programs. Once a patient is enrolled, advocacy services will maintain patients’ enrollment, complete any additional paperwork necessary, coordinate the delivery of free medication, and process refill requests.

The biggest benefits to using a Patient Assistance Admin and Advocacy Service are the following:

1. All paperwork including enrollment forms, prescriptions, records etc are completed correctly on your behalf.

2. Through relationships with the various PAPs, advocates make sure that all applications are not lost in the shuffle.

3. You get a dedicated patient advocate to answer any and all questions.

4. Although this is a paid service, savings is guaranteed to be greater than any expenses.

Want to see if you or someone in your household qualifies for patient assistance?

Complete the short form here.

A patient assistance advocate will review your information and contact you to discuss your eligibility.

To date, Patient Assistance Admin and Advocacy services have enrolled thousands of people in PAPs.

We hope that you have found this information to be both informative and valuable. As stated earlier, we are truly dedicated to helping people find ways to save money on their prescription medication.

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