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Get Free Medicine Coupons and Save on Addyi, Prilosec OTC and More!

Thursday, June 9th, 2016


Drug Savings

Save Money with Medication Coupons!

Addyi coupon- It’s finally here! This is a prescription medicine that treats low sexual desire in women, who have not yet gone through menopause. Ask your doctor if Addyi is right for you and then head on over to get a valuable money saving coupon; most people with insurance will pay just $50. Uninsured women can also save.

Alrex coupon- This is an RX medicine that is used to treat swelling and redness of the eye, which is caused by certain eye conditions. With this free drug coupon, most patients with insurance will pay just $35 for their prescriptions.

Cialis coupon- This medicine is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction in men and a condition known as BPH. If you are new to this medicine, download the free savings card and qualified patients can save up to $200 off the cost of their prescription.

Cinqair coupon- Available only with a prescription, this medicine is used in combination with another medicine, to treat severe asthma. Eligible patients with commercial insurance can save money on the cost of their copays.

Emverm coupon- This is a chewable prescription tablet that is used to treat pinworm. If left untreated, pinworm can cause health conditions and infect the whole household. With this coupon, pay the first $20 of your copay and the coupon will save you up to $60 off.

Lacrisert coupon- This medication is prescribed to treat a few different eye conditions including dry eye. It helps to relieve the burning, tearing and dryness associated with eye conditions. Get your free coupon and qualified people will pay just $35 for prescriptions.

Odefsey coupon- This medicine is prescribed to treat HIV in patients 12 years and older, who are new to HIV treatment or who are replacing a certain HIV treatment. Qualified patients can receive financial assistance.

Prilosec OTC coupon- No prescription required! This medicine is used to treat frequent heartburn and GERD. With this free coupon, eligible people can get a free sample or a money saving coupon that will save you $2.

U by Kotex free sample- Kotex is a brand of feminine hygiene products that makes tampons, pads and liners. Whether you have heavy periods, light periods or you just want to feel clean and fresh; they’ve got a product for you. Sign up now and get free samples of their products.

Vyvanse coupon- This medicine is used to treat ADHD in adults and kids 6 years old and older. With this free coupon, eligible patients can save up to $30 off on each of your 12 prescriptions, for a total savings of up to $720 for the year.

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