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Get Your Free Drug Coupons for Medication Savings!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
Save Money at the Pharmacy with Drug Coupons!

Get Free Drug Coupons and Save!

Save money on your prescription medications and over-the-counter medications with drug coupons.

Abreva coupon- Abreva is an over-the-counter cold sore medicine. If you have a cold sore, heal it fast with Abreva and save money with this Abreva coupon. Sign up for free and this Abreva coupon will save you $1.50 on your next purchase of Abreva cream.

Adipex-P coupon- Adipex-P is a prescription weight loss medication. If you have been prescribed Adipex-P, we can save you money with an Adipex-P coupon. With the Adipex-P Performance Script discount card, you may pay just $49.99 for a 30 day supply. Get your Adipex-P coupon today and start saving money!

Breo Ellipta coupon- Breo Ellipta is a prescription medication used to help treat COPD. If you have a Breo Ellipta prescription, you may be able to save money with this coupon. Qualified people can get a free 30 day trial of Breo Ellipta or save money on future prescriptions with a Breo Ellipta coupon. Get your Breo Ellipta coupon today!

Centrum coupon- Centrum makes a full line of vitamins that are ideal for people of all ages. If you use Centrum, get these Centrum coupons and save. Depending on which Centrum coupons you use, you could save as much as $5 off. Get your coupons now!

Compound W coupon- Compound W is an over-the-counter wart remover. We list Compound W coupons that can save you $1 on any Compound W product. Get your free coupons now and stop spending full price for your over-the-counter medication.

Cortizone 10 coupon- Got an itch? Relieve it with Cortizone 10. Need to save money? Get this Cortizone 10 coupon. Regardless of which Cortizone 10 product you use, you can save $1 with this Cortizone 10 coupon. Get your coupon and start saving money on your OTC products.

Deramaxx coupon- Deramaxx is a prescription pet medication used to treat osteoarthritis in dogs. If your dog’s veterinarian suggests Deramaxx, save money with this Deramaxx coupon. You can receive a rebate of $15 on 30 doses. Get your Deramaxx coupon today!

Lacrisert coupon- Lacrisert is an over-the-counter dry eye medication. If you use Lacrisert; save money with this Lacrisert coupon. Eligible people will pay no more than $10 for their prescriptions, with a max savings of $100. Get your Lacrisert coupon today!

Nuvigil coupon- Nuvigil is a prescription medicine used to increase wakefulness in people who suffer from excessive sleepiness due to narcolepsy, sleep apnea, etc. If you use Nuvigil, get this Nuvigil coupon and save in 1 of 2 ways. Eligible people who have a new prescription for Nuvigil may be able to get 30 days of free Nuvigil. Plus, you may be able to pay just $5 for future prescriptions, with a max monthly savings of $50. This Nuvigil coupon expires on 12/31/2014.

Pepcid coupon- Got heartburn? Relieve it with over-the-counter Pepcid. Need to save money? Get your free Pepcid coupon. This Pepcid coupon will save you $2 on Pepcid complete or Pepcid AC. Get your coupons now!

Looking for other drug coupons besides those listed above? We have an extensive database of over 14,000 medications, including both prescription medications and over-the-counter medications. Search now to find the drug coupons you need and start savings money on your medicine.

Besides drug coupons, we can also save you money with our free drug discount card. Are you a self-pay patient with no health insurance? Do you have health insurance but your particular medication isn’t covered under your plan? Then you are eligible to use our free drug card. The free drug discount card can save people up to 80% off on prescription medications. We have already saved consumers over $10 million; let us save you money too. Click here to print your free drug discount card now!

Save Money at the Pharmacy with Free Drug Coupons!

Monday, November 25th, 2013
Thanksgiving Savings

Happy Thanksgiving from!

If you need help paying for your medications, we can help. is the top site for drug savings. Get your free drug coupons now and save money on over-the-counter medications and prescription medications!

Adempas coupon- Adempas is a prescription medication used to treat pulmonary hypertension. We have just added an Adempas coupon to our database. Sign up for the Adempas coupon today and through the AIM Support Program, qualified individuals can receive co-pay savings.

Breo Ellipta coupon- Breo Ellipta is a prescription medication that is used to treat patients with COPD. If you are taking Breo Ellipta, we have recently added a Breo Ellipta coupon that can be used by both commercially insured and uninsured patients. Get your Breo Ellipta coupon today and save up to $50 per prescription.

Claritin coupon- Claritin is an OTC medication used to treat allergy symptoms. If you’re tired of the sneezing, itching and the watery eyes, fight back with Claritin! And fight back against high prices with a Claritin coupon. Get your Claritin coupon today and save $2 on Claritin Non-Drowsy formula for adults and kids.

Clonazepam coupon- Clonazepam is a prescription medication used to treat seizures and panic disorders. If you take Clonazepam and it’s not covered by any type of insurance, you may be able to save money with a Clonazepam coupon. Get your free Clonazepam coupon now and save up to 80% at the pharmacy.

Colgate Peroxyl coupon- Colgate Peroxyl helps to cleanse and soothe mouth sores and canker sores. If your dentist recommends Colgate Peroxyl, we recommend downloading this Colgate Peroxyl coupon. Save $2 with this Colgate Peroxyl coupon.

Humira coupon- Humira is a prescription medication that helps treat a few different conditions including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Plaque Psoriasis, Chron’s disease and more. If you have been prescribed Humira for any condition, come on over to and grab your Humira coupon. Most commercially insured patients will pay just $5 for their prescription. Get your Humira coupon now and save!

Remifemin coupon- Remifemin is an OTC medication that provides natural relief from menopausal symptoms including night sweats and hot flashes. If you could use Remifemin, chances are you could also use this Remifemin coupon. Save $4 on any Remifemin product, with this Remifemin coupon.

Selsun Blue coupon- Selsun Blue is an OTC dandruff shampoo. If you use Selsun Blue so you can confidently wear black, you’ll want to get this Selsun Blue coupon. Download this free Selsun Blue coupon today and save $1.

Stuart One coupon- Stuart One is an OTC prenatal vitamin for use before, during and after pregnancy. We have just added a new Stuart One coupon to our database. Get your free Stuart One coupon now and save $5 on 1 box of prenatal vitamins, 200 mg DHA.

Vaprino A-D coupon- Vaprino A-D is an over the counter anti-diarrheal medication that provides relief from diarrhea including traveler’s diarrhea. If this sounds like something you can use, we have just added a free Vaprino A-D coupon. Print your free Vaprino A-D coupon now and save $2. Vaprino A-D is currently only available at Walmart.

In addition to free drug coupons, we also offer a free drug discount card that can help people save up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. We have helped people save over $10 million on their medication. Print your free drug discount card now and save money on your medications!