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Get Your Freebies: Free Centrum, Free L’Oreal, Free Vivarin & More!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013
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In addition to free drug coupons, also offers many free health samples and free trial offers. Come see what’s free this week~

Free Axiron Trial Offer- Axiron is a prescription medication used to treat adult males with low testosterone or no testosterone. If you have a prescription for Axiron, you may be able to get free Axiron for 30 days. This free Axiron trial offer expires on 12/31/2013.

Free Centrum Flavor Burst Sample- Centrum Flavor Burst is a great tasting, chewable multi-vitamin. If you are interested in getting a free Centrum Flavor Burst sample, they’re still available. Register today and your free Centrum Flavor Burst sample will arrive within 6-8 weeks.

Free Combivent Respimat Trial Offer- Combivent Respimat is a prescription inhaler used by people with COPD. If you have a prescription for this COPD medication, you may be eligible to receive free Combivent Respimat. Both cash payers, government insured and commercially insured individuals can take advantage of this free Combivent Respimat trial offer. This free Combivent Respimat trial offer expires on 9/31/2013.

Free Coral Calcium Sample- The maker of Coral Calcium is the largest supplier of “Above Sea EcoSafe Coral” providing high quality coral calcium. Coral Calcium is a supplement that contains only natural supplements, no fillers. Why not see for yourself how good these natural supplements are with a free Coral Calcium sample. This free Coral Calcium sample is available while supplies last, so act fast

Free Discount Drug Card- The free discount drug card can help people save up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. Our free discount drug card is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country. Print out the free discount drug card today and stop paying full price for your medication.

Free L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care Sample- Not happy with the condition of your hair? Change it with L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care. Register today to get a free L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care sample. Just tell them what your hair concern is and they will send you a free L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care sample based on your response.

Free Niaspan ER Trial Offer- Niaspan ER is a prescription medication used to lower high cholesterol. If you have a new Niaspan ER prescription and you have no prescription drug coverage, you may be able to get free Niaspan ER for 30 days. Register to get your free Niaspan ER trial offer today.

Free Replens Sample- At some point, almost all women will experience vaginal dryness. If this is your time, register to get a free Replens trial offer. Replens vaginal moisturizer will not only increase moisture but it will also help to rejuvenate dry vaginal cells. Register today for this free Replens offer and feel the difference. Your free Replens offer will arrive within 6-8 weeks.

Free Schiff Move Free Sample- Schiff Move free is a supplement that helps to support healthy joints. Register today to get a free sample of Schiff Move Free Ultra Omega. This free Schiff Move free sample is available through Facebook.

Free Vivarin Sample- Vivarin is an OTC supplement that gives you an extra boost of caffeine to help you stay awake and alert. Interested in free Vivarin? Just sign up and you will get 2 free Vivarin sample packs. You can also save money on a future purchase with this Vivarin coupon.

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