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Get Our NEW Free Drug Discount Card- Up to 85% Off!

Thursday, March 9th, 2017


Time to get Our New and Improved Free Discount Drug Card! Offering even more savings, you can now save up to 85% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance.

Although Obamacare was helpful in allowing millions of people access to affordable healthcare, there were still many people who were uninsured. And now with the present state of our country’s health care in limbo, our free drug discount card is still a game changer for those who either have no health insurance or whose copays are still too high for them to afford their medications. Plus, with prescription drug prices on the rise, this may be a great option for you.

Remember, this card can only be used by people whose prescription medications are not covered by any type of insurance. However, if you do have prescription medication coverage and your copays are high, you can opt out of going through your insurance; pay the cash price and use our card for savings. Plus, you can find out ahead of time what the cost will be by just asking your pharmacist.

Instantly Print the free discount drug card and redeem it at your local pharmacy. Most pharmacies have been contracted to accept our cards. Be sure to present it at check out and ask them to apply the savings. If by some chance the pharmacist technician has some questions about the card, there is a help desk number printed directly on the card. Plus, the same drug discount card can be used again and again. Be sure to tell your friends and family, as we know they would love the savings our card can offer them too.

Download our free discount drug card today and save up to 85% off in over 60,000 Pharmacies Nationwide including Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid and most chain & independent pharmacies.

Don’t forget; we also have a huge database of free medication coupons for both prescription medications and over the counter medications. Search today and save!

Our Most Requested Freebies! Free Allegra, Free Cialis and More!

Thursday, April 16th, 2015
Register for Free Samples!

Our Most Popular Health Freebies!

Free Acuvue Contacts – If you are planning on making the switch to contacts, give Acuvue a try. In addition to being affordable and comfortable, you will find that they are also very easy to wear. No wonder why they are the contacts most trusted by eye doctors for comfort. Get a certificate for a free pair of lenses and see and feel the difference.

Free Advil PM- If you are having trouble getting to sleep because you are experiencing aches and pain, this over-the-counter pain reliever will ease the pain and help you to get the sleep you need so you can wake up feeling refreshed. Sign up now to get your free sample while they are still available.

Free Allegra Allergy- With such a huge response to this freebie, we’re surprised they still have some available. With allergy season upon us, this OTC medicine provides 24 hour relief in just about one hour. Stop suffering with sneezing, itch and watery eyes and get the brand of medicine that works 2 times faster than Claritin.

Free Astroglide- Looking for a personal lubricant to spice things up? Or maybe you are looking for something to help with vaginal dryness? Their lube is specially designed to soothe, moisturize and last for a long time. Want a free sample? There are six to choose from so we know you’ll find something that’s right for you and your partner.

Free Cialis- Why do we always get an overwhelming response to this freebie??? I wonder. This prescription medicine is used to treat two conditions: erectile dysfunction and symptoms of BPH such as urination frequency, urgency and a weak urine stream. Eligible people can get 30 days of Cialis for daily use ( 2.5mg or 5mg) or get 3 free tablets of 10 mg or 20 mg.

Free Crestor- This prescription medicine is given to patients to lower their cholesterol when lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, have not helped. Known as a statin, it lowers bad cholesterol, while helping to raise good cholesterol. Eligible people can get free medicine for 30 days. Plus, you can continue to save money on your prescriptions with this Crestor coupon.

Free Depends Undergarments- Although urinary incontinence is embarrassing, there are over 25 million Americans who have this condition. Affecting both men and women, it is caused by a few different things including weak muscles that keep your bladder closed, nerve damage and trouble with the prostate. If this is a concern for you or a loved one, get a free sample for men or women.

Free Drug Discount Card- No insurance? No problem! Our savings card can help to save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. It’s accepted at over 60,000 U.S. pharmacies including large retail chain pharmacies and smaller “mom and pop” pharmacies. It has already saved people well over $10 million on their prescription drug costs; let it do the same for you.

Free Secret Deodorant- Do you like the way that this product keeps you dry and odor free? If so, become a Loyalty Rewards member and you can get a free deodorant. Just join the Secret Clinical Strength Loyalty Reward Program and when you buy 4 of these (excluding the trial size) they will send you a voucher for a free one. Just send in the original receipt and the UPC from the box. You’re using the products anyway; you might as well get something for it.

Free Walking Schedule- At we love walking!! In addition to it being a simple exercise that requires no special equipment other than a good pair of sneakers, it provides numerous health benefits including weight loss, stress reduction, reduced risk of heart disease and much more. If you are ready to start walking, download this free 12 week walking schedule today and get on the path to better health. Remember, shoot for 10,000 steps daily; it’s easier to achieve than you think.

We hope that you have been saving money with our website. Hopefully, you have been able to reduce your out-of-pocket costs with our free medication coupons and have discovered some new products with our freebies. Please search our database to find more savings opportunities.

Free Health Samples- Free Cialis, Free Tums and More!

Thursday, July 31st, 2014
Freebie Friday

Get Your Free Health Samples! is the #1 site for medication savings!

Free Cialis- This is a medication available only with a doctor’s prescription, to help treat erectile dysfunction and BPH, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. In men with ED, it helps to increase blood flow to the penis helping to get and maintain an erection. In men with BPH, it helps with symptoms of frequent urination and having the urgent need to urinate. Eligible people may be able to get 30 free pills of daily use Cialis or 3 pills of 36 hour Cialis.

Free Drug Discount Card- If you are uninsured and pay cash for your prescriptions or you have insurance but your co-pays are very high, you may want to use our free drug discount card. Although it cannot be used in conjunction with insurance, many people, who have high co-pays, choose to not go through their insurance and use our card instead. It can help to save people up to 80% off on their RX meds. Get yours today and save!

Free Levoxyl- This medicine is a man-made form of a naturally occurring hormone that is found in the body. Although it is synthetic, it is also identical to the hormone that is produced in the body. It is primarily used in people with hypothyroidism. It’s also prescribed to treat goiters and as treatment for thyroid cancer. If you have been prescribed this medicine, you may be eligible for a free 30 day trial, which includes up to 60 tablets. This offer expires on 12/31/2014.

Free L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care- Looking for help for your damaged hair, color-treated hair, frizzy hair or thin hair? L’Oreal makes a product to help transform your hair into beautiful locks. Just let them know what you hair concern is and they will send you a free sample.

Free Next to Nature- This is an herbal laxative supplement that is made up of a unique formula that contains all natural aloe vera. With no artificial ingredients or preservatives, it is both gentle and effective and non-habit forming. If you suffer from occasional constipation, sign up today for a no obligation free trial offer. Try this product today; you’ll be glad you did.

Free Nivea Sample- Looking for a body lotion that will nourish your dry skin and leave your skin soft and smooth? Or maybe you want 48 hours of relief from dry skin? Nivea makes a body lotion that will give you what you want. If you are interested in a free sample, go to Facebook and choose between the Smoothing and Softening formula or the Extended Moisture Formula.

Free Ocucel- This is a multivitamin that not only contains minerals and antioxidants, but it also contains key ingredients that help support eye health. It also contains lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which support better vision and help prevent age related eye diseases. Sign up now to get a free sample of this multivitamin. You will get a bottle that contains a 1 week supply.

Free Optimum 15% Vitamin C Face Wash- This product, made by Painted Therapeutics, claims to fade sunspots, stimulate collagen production, reduce and minimize wrinkles and more. Their products are made of organic, natural and non-toxic ingredients. Additionally, their products are never tested on animals. Sign up today and get a free sample of their face wash.

Free Quartette- This is a birth control pill that extends your period from once every 28 days to once every 3 months. If you are prescribed this medicine, you may be able to save money through the Quartette Together Program. Your first 3 month prescription may be free and your next 3 prescriptions after that may just cost you $25.

Free Tums Ultra Strength- This OTC medicine helps to relieve certain conditions including heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion and upset stomach. This particular formula contains twice the amount of acid neutralizing powder, compared to regular strength Tums. If you are a Coscto member, sign up now to get a free roll that contains 12 chewable tablets.

Visit today and get free medication coupons and free health samples

Top Drug Coupons of 2013- Abilify, Nexium and More

Monday, December 30th, 2013
Most Popular drug Coupons of 2013

Our Top Drug Coupons of 2013


Happy New Year! We hope that 2014 brings you good health and happiness! This week we are featuring our top drug coupons of 2013 and yes….they are all still available.

Abilify coupon- Abilify is used to treat a variety of conditions including depression, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. If you have a prescription for this medicine, we’ve got a coupon to help save you money. Thanks to the Abilify Assist Program, qualified individuals can save up to $150 per prescription.

Advil Allergy and Congestion coupon- Advil Allergy and Congestion is an OTC product used to relieve allergy and cold symptoms including sinus pressure, nasal swelling, congestion, sneezing, runny nose and headache. This  coupon was one of our biggest downloadable coupons of 2013 and it’s still available. Get yours today and save $1 on your next purchase.

AquaFresh Extreme Clean Whitening Action coupon- Has years of drinking coffee, tea and wine taken its toll on your teeth? Bring back your pearly whites with Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Action. Once again you can have whiter teeth, fresher breath and you can save money all at the same time. This  coupon has been a big hit. Get yours today and save .50 cents on a trial size tube.

Caltrate coupon- Caltrate is an calcium supplement available without a prescription. If your doctor has suggested adding more calcium to your diet, this may be right for you. And if you’re looking to save money at the same time, we list a free coupon. Register today and save $1 on any bottle of 120 count or smaller, or save $2 on any bottle of 155 count or larger.

Clonazepam coupon- Clonazepam is a prescribed to treat a variety of medical conditions including seizures and panic disorder. If you take this medicine and it’s not covered by insurance or you have no insurance, we list a coupon that may be able to save up to 80%. Get it today and redeem it at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country.

Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Insoles coupon- Dr. Scholl’s products are tops in OTC foot care and foot support products. Although all Dr. Scholl’s coupons are very popular, the Active Series Insoles coupon is the most popular one by far.  Download this coupon today and get $4 off on your next purchase.

Humira coupon- Humira is a prescribed to treat a few different conditions including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Plaque Psoriasis, Chron’s disease and more. If you take Humira and are looking for ways to save, look no further. We list a coupon that will reduce most commercially insured patients’ copays to just $5.

Nasonex coupon- Nasonex, available with a doctor’s prescription, is used to treat both year round allergies and seasonal allergies. Stop suffering and start living and get this coupon so you can start saving. Eligible people can save $20 on each of their 6 prescriptions. This offer is good through 12/31/2014.

Nexium coupon- Nexium is prescribed to treat Acid Reflux, for up to a full 24 hours. If you take this RX to relieve your symptoms, make sure you get your coupon. Eligible people may pay just $18 a month for their scripts. Get savings through 12/31/2014.

Omeprazole coupon- Omeprazole is a prescription medication that is used to treat people with GERD and other conditions caused by an excess of stomach acid. If you take this medicine and it’s not covered by any type of insurance, download this coupon and you could save up to 80% off. Stop spending full price for your medications!

Do you need other medication coupons besides those listed above? Please search our extensive database today.

Another way that we are saving people money is with our free drug discount card. It can help to save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. Print yours today and redeem it at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country,


Get Your Coupons! Save on Act, Benadryl and More!

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013
Drug Coupons Save Money at the Pharmacy

Save Money on Your Medication with Drug Coupons!

Looking for prescription coupons and over the counter coupons? You’ve come to the right place.

ACT coupon- Get stronger teeth and fresher breath with ACT mouthwash and rinse. If you use this product to keep your mouth clean and fresh, we can save you money with a coupon. Save $1 on your next purchase.

Astagraf XL coupon- Astagraf XL is prescribed to be used in conjunction with other medications to prevent organ rejection in patients who have had a kidney transplant. If you or someone you know takes this medicine, we have just found a coupon. Ask your doctor for the co-pay card and eligible patients can save up to $200 on each prescription, up to 12 prescriptions.

Benadryl coupon- Benadryl, available over-the-counter, is used to relieve allergy symptoms. It is also used to relieve the itchiness caused by insect bites, poison ivy, scrapes and minor burns. If you use this medicine at the first signs of itching or sneezing, you might as well save money in the process. Sign up today and you’ll receive printable coupons. Save $1 on any Adult product, Children’s product or topical product, excluding trial sizes.

Dermarest coupon- Dermarest is an OTC product that offers a full line of products that help to treat eczema and psoriasis. If you suffer from either of these skin conditions, get Dermarest and save money with this coupon. Save $1 on any product through 12/31/2013.

FeRiva coupon- FeRiva is a prescription iron supplement. It delivers two forms of iron to help provide better bioavailability, along with better efficacy with a daily pill. We have just recently added a new coupon to our database. Eligible people may be able to save up to 60% off on out-of-pocket costs.

Icy Hot Advanced coupon- Icy Hot Advanced provides targeted relief from pain caused by arthritis, back aches, strains, etc. If you need to relieve your pain, try this product and save $2 with a coupon.

Mirvaso coupon- Mirvaso is a topical prescription gel that is used to treat persistent facial redness caused by rosacea. If you have commercial insurance, this coupon may be able to reduce your co-pays. Eligible people with certain insurance types may pay just $50 for their prescriptions. If your insurance does not cover this medicine,, you may be able to pay no more than $80. Get savings through 12/31/2014.

Sucrets coupon- Sucrets is a throat lozenge that relieves sore throat, cough and dry mouth. Get immediate relief with this lozenge and get immediate savings when you download this coupon. Save $1 on any product.

Tiger Balm coupon- Looking for an OTC medication that provides relief from sprains, strains and pains? Check out Tiger Balm and check out this coupon. Save $1 on your next purchase. This offer has been extended through 11/30/2013.

Uristat coupon- Uristat is an OTC medication that provides fast, temporary relief from a urinary tract infection. If you are prone to UTI’s, get this medicine to relieve the pain until your next doctor’s appointment.  Sign up today and save $1 with this coupon.

Search our database to find other medication coupons you may need.

Did you know that we offer people another way to save money on their medications?  Our free drug discount card can save people up to 80% of on RX meds not covered by insurance. Print it out and redeem it at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country.

Free Baby Formula, Free Vitamin Drink Mix & More Freebies!

Thursday, October 10th, 2013
Get Your Freebies at!

Free Health Samples, Free Medicine Trial Offers and More!

It’s Freebie Friday! Come see what’s free!!

Free 4Kids Health App- 4Kids Health App is a smartphone app that allows you to get health advice 24/7. This App was designed by the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent. This can provide you with information on parenting advice, first aid instruction, immediate connection to 911 if needed and more. Download this App today and get peace of mind.

Free Belviq Trial Offer- Belviq is a prescription weight loss medication that is used to treat obesity. It’s to be used along with a healthy diet and exercise program. If you have a new prescription, you may be eligible to receive 15 days worth of free medicine. After that, you can receive continued savings with this coupon.

Free BuddyCheck 9 Breast Health Kit- Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month; we thought this would be a great opportunity to share this free BuddyCheck 9Breast Health Kit. Get important information on breast cancer health and get tools to help you remember your monthly self- breast checks. Although this  Kit can only be mailed out to residents in certain states, a downloadable version is available to everyone.

Free Discount Drug Card- Are you uninsured? Do you have insurance but a particular medication isn’t covered under your current plan? The free discount drug card can help to save people up to 80% off on RX meds not covered by insurance. It has saved people over $10 million so far, and that amount continues to grow. Get your card now and start saving!

Free Dulera Trial Offer- Dulera is a prescription inhaler that is used to control and prevent asthma symptoms. Eligible patients, who have a new prescription, can get a free inhaler. After that, you can receive co-pay assistance on your next 6 prescriptions, with this coupon. Both the free offer and the coupon expire on 12/31/2013.

Free Eating Well with Diabetes Cookbook- People who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes will have to revamp their lifestyle. When you join the support program Cornerstone4care, they will give you free gifts including a free Eating Well with Diabetes Cookbook, an instant savings card that can save you money on Novo Nordisk products and more. Get your free cookbook and enjoy over 350 diabetes friendly recipes.

Free Emergen-C Sample- When the first sign of a cold hits, my family takes Emergen-C. This is a vitamin drink mix that is used to improve immunity, provide a boost of energy and improve your overall health. Interested in a free sample? Just fill out a short form and they’ll send you a couple of samples in different flavors for you to try.

Free Enfamil AR- Enfamil AR is a baby formula that is clinically proven to reduce frequent spit-up. If your baby is experiencing frequent spit-up, ask your pediatrician if this is the right formula for your baby. If it is, you can try this product for free by taking advantage of this free sample. Just sign up today and print a trial certificate that will entitle you to your freebie.

Free Enfamil Gentlease- Enfamil Gentlease is an easy to digest baby formula that is ideal for the fussy or gassy baby. If your pediatrician recommends this, try it for free with this free sample offer. Print your certificate today and reduce fussiness in your baby.

Free Tampax Pearl Sample- Tampax Pearl tampons are made with a special “leak guard”, which provides up to 8 hours of leak protection. If you are not getting the level of protection you need from your current feminine product, why not try this product instead. Just join P&G Everyday, and request your free sample today. Stop worrying and start living!

We have an extensive database of free medication coupons. Search for the ones you need and save money at the pharmacy!




Freebie Friday! Free Enbrel, Free Minties and More!

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
Try Before You Buy With Health Freebies!

Get Your Health Freebies!

It’s Freebie Friday at Come see what’s free!

Free Bio 35 Sample- Bio 35 are supplements that contain the right amounts of essential ingredients that will help to increase your energy, improve your immune system and more. Interested in trying this product? Sign up now for a free sample. Choose from the sample that you would like: Bio 35, Bio 35 Iron-Free or Bio 35 Gluten-Free.

Free Discount Drug Card- No prescription drug coverage and pay a small fortune for your prescription medication? You’re not alone. Print out our free discount drug card and you could save up to 80% off on your meds. It’s accepted at over 60,000 U.S. Pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and more.

Free Enbrel- This is an injectable medication that is prescribed to treat a few different conditions including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Plaque Psoriasis and more. If you have been prescribed this medication, you may be able to get it for free. Eligible patients can receive an Enbrel Support card which not only provides free medicine for the first 6 months, but after that 6 month period, your co-pays may be just $10 a month.

Free Health Screening at Sam’s Club- If you are a Sam’s Club member, on October 12th, women can get a free health screening. This screening includes tests for Thyroid Stimulus Hormone, Total Cholesterol, Good Cholesterol and Glucose. Mark your calendars ladies; this free health screening is good for one day only!!

Free Ice Elements- Lifeless looking skin? Ice Elements is a 2 minute miracle gel that helps to smooth skin, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and so much more. We have just added a free sample offer to our database. Get yours before it’s gone.

Free Minties Dental Treats- Does Fido have a case of doggy breath? If so, why not freshen things up with Minties Dental Treats. The free sample offer is back, but we know it won’t last for long. Just Like them on Facebook and let them know where to send it.

Free Quit Tea Sample- Was part of your New Year’s Resolution to stop smoking? Well, don’t give up yet; we’ve got something else for you to try. Quit Tea is a blend of herbs and spices that is designed to help you make the switch from smoking to sipping. Why not sign up to get a free sample to try; you’ve got nothing to lose. Just tell them where to send it and you  will get 1 tea bag to try. Try Quit Tea and ditch the stick!

Free Real Age Assessment Test- Interested in knowing how old your body really is? Then you should take this free Real Age Assessment Test. You will be asked a series of questions pertaining to your health and lifestyle.  Once you’ve finished, they will tell you what your “real age” is, based upon your responses. Take this fun, yet informative test today and see how healthy and fit you really are.

Free Simple Skin Care- Simple Skin Care makes a full line of products that are suitable for all types of skin. If you would like to try this product, Target stores are giving away free samples. Just sign up and answer a few questions and you can choose the product that you would like to try.

Free Zortress- Zortress is a prescription medication that is used to prevent organ rejection in kidney recipients. If you or someone you know has been prescribed this medication, we now list a free trial offer. Patients with a new prescription can get 30 days of medicine at no cost. This offer is good for all patients regardless of insurance coverage or the type of coverage you have.

In addition to having a large database of health freebies, we also have the largest database of free medication coupons.

Free Astroglide, Free Nexcare Bandages and More!

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Everyone loves a good deal and it doesn’t get better than FREE! Sign up now to get free samples of Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel, Nexcare Waterproof Bandages and more!

Get Free Health Samples & Free Medication Trial Offers

It’s Freebie Friday at

Free Allergic Living Magazine- Allergic Living Magazine is the go-to magazine for people with food allergies, environmental allergies, gluten-sensitivity and celiac disease. If you suffer from any of these, sign up today and get your free issue of this magazine. Get tips on traveling, eating out and much more.

Free Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel- If you like to use lube but have sensitive skin, Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel is free of irritants and contains soothing Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Vitamin E. Interested in a free sample? If so, just answer a few questions pertaining to your current lubricant usage and in about 6-8 weeks you’ll be enjoying a complimentary sample of lubricant.

Free Axiron- If you’re an adult male with little or no testosterone, Axiron may be for you. If your doctor suggests this medicine, we list a special offer that can give you 30 days of medicine at no cost. This offer is good through 12/31/2013.

Free Barlean’s Omega 3- Barlean’s carries a full line of organic oils. And for a limited time, they are giving away free samples of their oils. Sign up for the product you’re interested in: Flavored Green samples, Krill Oil Softgels or Wild and Whole Salmon Oil Softgels.

Free Blucetin- If you’re planning a night out on the town, you may want to get Blucetin. This is a dietary supplement that provides protection for your liver and brain while you drink; but it also controls your hangover symptoms. If you would like to try this product to see if it works, we have just added a free sample to our database. Just fill out a brief survey, pay just $4.95 for S&H and they’ll send you a freebie.

Free Discount Drug Card- offers a free discount drug card to all visitors of our site. This card can help to save people up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. Although it can be used on both brand name drugs and prescription drugs, it offers a greater savings on generics. Print yours today and stop paying full price for your medication.

Free Nexcare Waterproof Bandages- Looking for a waterproof bandage that really stays put? Nexcare Waterproof Bandages not only protects against water, but it also protects against germs and dirt. For a limited time, you can get a free sample. Just watch a video, fill out a form and get free stuff.

Free Nordic Naturals- Nordic Naturals is dedicated to “Delivering the World’s Safest, Most Effective Omega Oils”; and they have been the industry leader in Omega 3 fish oil supplements. If you would like to try these Omega 3’s, they are offering free samples for you to try. Register today and choose from a wellness essentials pack, a sport essentials pack or a pet essentials pack.

Free Sensodyne Sample- If you have sensitive teeth, get Sensodyne. And if you’re a Costco member, you can get a free sample. Sign up today, answer a few questions regarding sensitivity toothpastes and they’ll send you their toothpaste at no charge.

Free Soflens Contact Lenses- Soflens are disposable contact lenses made by Bausch and Lomb. If you’re ready to experience exceptional vision, a natural fit and all day comfort; these contact lenses may be right for you. Would you like to try a pair, just sign up and get a certificate for free Soflens and bring it with you on your next visit to the eye doctor.

In addition to free health samples and free trial offers, we also list more drug coupons than any other site around.

It’s National Cholesterol Education Month! Get Info and Savings!

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013
Know your numbers during National Cholesterol Education Month!

National Cholesterol Education Month!

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is produced in the liver. Although bodies need cholesterol for regular body function, too much of it can be harmful. There are approximately 71 million American adults who have high cholesterol.

Having high cholesterol can lead to heart disease and stroke. Although high cholesterol can run in families, eating an unhealthy diet, cigarette smoking, and not getting enough exercise are all contributors as well. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, your doctor will probably suggest that you trying lowering it naturally with a lifestlye change. This will include a healthy diet low in cholesterol, and regular physical exercise. If after making healthy life style changes there is still no improvement, your doctor may want to put you on cholesterol lowering medications.

Even if your doctor prescribes you a medication, you still need to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. There are few different types of cholesterol lowering medications. These medications include statins, resins, selective cholesterol absorption inhibitors, fibrates and niacin.

If you are taking cholesterol lowering medications, may be able to help reduce your out of pocket expenses. We have many manufacturer drug coupons for all of the medications listed below. Don’t see a coupon listed for the medicine you take?  Feel free to email us at and we will gladly try to locate one for you. In addition, you can also save money on all medicines you take that are not covered by insurance. Please download our free discount drug card now and redeem it at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country.


Antara                        Livalo

Caduet                       Niaspan ER 

Crestor                      Simcor

Fenoglide                Slo-Niacin

Juvisync                  Vascepa     

Lescol XL                 Vytorin

Lipitor                        Welchol

Lipofen                       Zetia



Looking for savings on other medicines? Please search our database of over 14,000 prescription and OTC medications, to find the medication coupons you need!

Get Drug Coupons and Save on Celebrex, Lantus and More

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013
Save Money on Your Medication With Drug Coupons!

Save Money with Drug Coupons!

Looking for ways to save money on your medication? You’ve come to the right place.  Come check out this week’s featured drug coupons.

Aczone Coupon- This is a topical, prescription gel that is used to treat acne. It is the only acne medication that contains topical dapsone, an active ingredient in this medicine. If you suffer from this skin condition, ask your doctor about Aczone and then download this coupon, Qualified people will pay no more than $25 on 2 prescriptions. This offer expires on 1/31/2014.

Celebrex Coupon- Celebrex is an NSAID medication that treats pain in adults caused by a few different conditions including Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.  Your doctor may also prescribe this medicine for treating acute pain. Just one pill works for a full 24 hours, so you get the relief you need all day long. Download a free coupon today and eligible people will save up to $15 on their next 12 prescriptions. This offer is good through 12/31/2013.

Lantus Solostar Pen Coupon- This is a pre-filled insulin pen. It contains long-acting insulin that only needs to be used once a day to lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. It has a large print dosing window so you will accurately choose the dose you need. Download the free savings card and eligible people will only pay $25 for 6 prescriptions.

Midnite Coupon- Do you suffer from insomnia? Many people do. Midnite is an OTC sleep aid that you can take before bed or even if you wake up in the middle of the night, to help you get back to sleep. It contains melatonin and other natural ingredients, so it won’t leave you groggy in the morning. Get a free coupon today and save $1 on any of their products.

Minties Dental Treats Coupon- Minties Dental Treats help to clean your dog’s teeth. The treats have a triple action formula to clean teeth, freshen breath and reduce plaque and tartar. Each treat contains 5 natural ingredients all which promote oral health. Sign up today to receive valuable Minties Dental Treats coupons.

Niaspan ER Coupon- Niaspan ER is a prescription medication that helps to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. It is to be used along with healthy diet and exercise program. Download a free coupon today and save. Eligible people will pay $15 for a 30 day supply , or pay $30 for a 90 day supply. This offer is is good through 12/31/2013.

Nix Coupon- This is an over-the-counter medication used to kill head lice and their eggs. It is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand of lice removal. And since September is National Head Lice Prevention month, this coupon couldn’t have come at a better time. Save $2 on any of their products through 4/30/2014.

Rituxan Coupon-Rituxan is a medication that treats a couple different types of cancer and is used as an add-on medication to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. It works by interfering with the growth of cancer cells in the body. If you use this medicine and are having trouble affording it, you may qualify to save money on your prescriptions. With this free coupon, you can receive co-pay savings for your cancer treatments or Rituxan for RA.

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