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Check Out These New Drug Coupons!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Ready to see what new drug coupons we’ve added this week?


New Drug Coupons

Drug Coupons

Ultra Strength Bengay Pain Relieving Patch Coupon- If you’ve got pain, you’ll love the Ultra Strength Bengay Pain Relieving Patch. The Ultra Strength Bengay Pain Relieving Patch provides targeted relief from pain. If you’re interested in this product, register for an Ultra Strength Bengay Pain Relieving Patch coupon to help save you money. Hurry, this Ultra Strength Bengay Pain Relieving Patch coupon won’t last long.

Camilia Coupon- Camilia is an over-the-counter medication that provides your baby with natural teething relief. Interested in a Camilia coupon? Register for free and get a Camilia coupon that will save you $1. Act fast, this Camilia coupon expires on 10/31/2012.

Eczemin Coupon- Eczmin is an over-the-counter, topical cream that helps to soothe itchy, dry skin. The makers of Eczemin are offering an Eczemin coupon that will save you $1.50. This Eczemin coupon expires on 12/31/2014.

Fungicure Coupon- If you’re embarrassed by nail fungus, then you’ll want to try Fungicure. There are 4 types of Fungicure to choose from: Fungicure Intensive liquid, Fungicure Manicure and Pedicure, Fungicure Liquid and Fungicure Soap. Download this Fungicure coupon and save $1.50 on your next purchase. This Fungicure coupon expires on 12/31/2014.

High Octane Energy Chews Coupon- High Octane Energy Chews are dietary supplements that provide big energy without the crash. For a limited time you can get a High Octane Energy Chews coupon. Register for the free High Octane Energy Chews coupon and save .50 cents on 2 bags of High Octane Energy Chews.

Irospan Coupon- Irospan is an iron and folic acid supplement used to help women maximize iron absorption. With this Irospan coupon, eligible people will save $20 a month on their Irospan prescription. Hurry, this Irospan coupon expires on 12/31/2012.

Jarrow Formulas Coupon- Jarrow offers a complete line of nutritional supplements. When you join the Jarrow Formulas coupon club, you will receive a Jarrow Formulas coupon that will save you $2 on certain Jarrow Formulas supplements. After you register, they will email you a list of Jarrow Formulas coupons that are currently available.

Neupro Coupon- Neupro is a patch that is prescribed for the signs and symptoms of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease and Restless Leg Syndrome. If you have been prescribed Neupro by your doctor, please register for this Neupro coupon. Eligible people will only pay $10 a month for 12 months, with this Neupro coupon.

Omega Smart Ultimate Fish Oils Coupon- Omega Smart Ultimate Fish Oils have a high concentration of fish oils to help improve heart health, brain function, joint mobility and immune system. Sign up with Renew Life, the makers of this product to get Omega Smart Ultimate Fish Oils coupons and special offers. By signing up, you’ll be informed of future Omega Smart Ultimate Fish Oils Coupons, offers and news.

Procort Coupon- Procort is a topical cream for the treatment of hemorrhoids. If you have been prescribed Procort, you can register for this Procort coupon that can save you $40 on 1 prescription. This Procort coupon expires on 12/31/2012.

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