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Save With an Erythromycin Coupon, a Rogaine Coupon and More!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
Drug Coupons Save You Money at the Pharmacy

Get Free Medication Coupons and Save Money!

Save money at the Pharmacy!

Accuflora coupon- This is an OTC probiotic that contains a special blend of 5 different probiotics including Lactobacillus acidophilus, to promote digestive health. Their special technology delivers release of the “good for you probiotics” for up to 12 hours. Download a free coupon today and save $1 off your next purchase.

Erythromycin coupon- This medication is used to treat and kill different types of bacterial infections including bronchitis, pneumonia and urinary tract infections. It is also used to prevent infections during surgical procedures and dental procedures. It is in a class of medicines known as macrolide antibiotics. Download this free coupon today and save up to $35. This savings offer expires on 1/31/2015.

Fresh Guard coupon- Made by Efferdent, this OTC product helps to clean and freshen clear and removable braces, mouth guards and retainers. It kills 99% of odor causing bacteria and works in as little as 5 minutes. Choose between the soak or the wipes. Get a free coupon now and save S1 on your next purchase.

L’il Critters coupon- These are delicious and nutritious daily supplements that your kids will love. They have many different formulas that help to support your growing child including bone support, calcium and vitamin D and immune support, just to name a few. Get your free coupon today and save $1 at the store.

MG217 coupon- This is an OTC treatment used to treat psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder, which is often characterized by red patches of skin, covered with silvery scales. They make a full line of products including shampoos, ointments, creams and gels. Choose the MG217 treatment plan that is best for you and save $1 with this coupon. This offer expires on 10/30/2014.

Naftin coupon- This is an antifungal cream use to treat fungal infections caused by athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm. Available in both a cream and a gel, this medicine can produce results in as little as 2 weeks. We have just added a new coupon offer to our database. Eligible people will have a $15 co-pay, with a maximum monthly savings of up to $285. This offer is good through June 2015.

Rogaine coupon- This is a product for men and women who are losing their hair or who have thinning hair. It is made with a medication called Minoxidil, which helps to reinvigorate shrunken hair follicles, which can then lead to new hair growth. Download this rebate form today and get a $10 check by mail when you purchase certain Men and Women’s Rogaine products. This offer is set to expire on 9/20/2014.

Sivextro coupon- This is an antibacterial drug prescribed to treat serious skin infections, including MRSA. This medicine is available for intravenous use and oral use. Through the AccessSivextro Program, eligible patients can receive co-pay assistance. People with commercial insurance may only pay $15 for their co-pays.

Stendra coupon- This medicine is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It works by relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow to the penis. If you have difficulty getting or keeping an erection, talk to your doctor about Stendra. If your doctor gives you a prescription, be sure to register for this savings card. You could save up to $75 on each of your next 12 prescriptions.

Zontivity coupon- This medicine is the first in a new class of drugs known as protease-activated receptor-1 (PAR-1) antagonists. It is used to keep blood clots from forming. It is also used to reduce the risk of a heart attack and stroke in certain patients who are considered “high risk”. Download this coupon today and eligible people can receive co-pay assistance. Save 50% off your out-of-pocket costs, up to $50. This offer can be used up to 12 times through 6/30/2015.

Please search our database for more medication coupons.

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Stendra Coupon, Wellbutrin XL Coupon and More Savings!

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
Get Drug Coupons and Save! Money

Save Money on Your Medication!

Check out this week’s new coupons and save money at the pharmacy!

Crest 3D White Strips coupon- Has years of food and drink discolored your teeth? Get back your pearly whites with Crest 3D White Strips and save money on your purchase with this coupon. Just sign up and follow the instructions for the rebate. The rebate will be given to you in the form of a prepaid Visa card. Take advantage of this offer today because it is set to expire on 3/31/2014. Remember, if you’re not whitening; you’re yellowing!

Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Insoles coupon- Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Insoles helps to relieve & prevent pain from shin splints, runner’s knee, and plantar fasciitis. If this is something you can use, download the coupon that will save you $4. We also list other Dr.Scholl’s coupons that can help to save you money on other foot products,

Eucerin coupon- Would you like to have smooth, supple skin? Give Eucerin a try. And if you would like to get coupons, just sign up to become a “Skinsider”. You will receive the inside scoop on new products, personalized advice and much more. So become a Skinsider today, save money and love the skin you’re in.

Farxiga coupon- Farxiga is used to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. If you use this medicine, eligible people will receive a Farxiga savings card that will provide 3 months of free Farxiga and savings on future prescriptions, up to $346 a month. You must activate the Farxiga savings card by 12/31/2014 and the card expires on 12/31/2015. Sign up for the coupon now and start saving money!

Fungi-nail coupon- Fungi-nail is an OTC toe nail fungus product that not only treats toe nail fungus but it also keeps it from spreading. If toe nail fungus is keeping you in socks and closed toe shoes, get Fungi nail and save money with this coupon. Save $1 on your next purchase through 12/31/2015.

L’Oreal coupon- Do you trust L’Oreal face products to keep you looking beautiful? Then get rewarded for using their products. Sign up for the free coupon and when you spend $30 on any Revitalift, Youth Code or Age Perfect product you will get a $10 rebate. All purchases must be made by 3/31/2014 to qualify for the rebate offer and postmarked by 4/30/2014. Don’t delay; sign up today!

Risperdal Consta coupon- Risperdal Consta is an Rx drug used to treat bipolar disorder. If you or someone you know uses it, we can save you a lot of money. Eligible people with insurance may pay just $10 at the pharmacy. If you purchase your prescription from your doctor’s office, you will pay just $50 for your prescription.

Stendra coupon- Stendra is a prescription medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. We have recently added a coupon to our database that can be used by both self-pay patients and commercially insured people. Most people with insurance will pay just $15 per prescription and most cash payers will pay just $15 per tablet for a prescription of 6-8 tablets. There is also a free trial offer available.

Wellbutrin XL coupon- If you suffer from major depression or seasonal affective disorder, Wellbutrin XL can help you to feel better. We list a coupon that may be able to reduce your co-pays to just $4 a month. This offer is good for up to 12 prescriptions and expires on 12/31/2014.

Zorvolex coupon- This is an NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It is used to treat adults with mild to moderate pain. Eligible people may be able to pay as little as $25 for their prescriptions, with a maximum monthly savings of $50. This savings offer is good through 12/31/2014.

Check out our database of over 14,000 medications to find the savings you need.

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Viagra Coupon- Free Viagra and 30% Off

Thursday, November 1st, 2012
Viagra Coupon- Free Viagra & 30% Off

Viagra Coupon

Viagra is a prescription medication used to treat Erectile Dysfunction in men. It works by relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow to certain areas of the body. Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by many factors including a medical condition, medications and even smoking. If you have Erectile Dysfunction, or you think you have it, talk to your doctor.

If your doctor thinks that Viagra may be right for you, you should tell your doctor about all other medications and supplements that you are currently taking. You should also tell your doctor your complete medical history and any known conditions that you currently have. If you take certain medications, you may not be able to take Viagra.

If your doctor writes you a prescription, has just listed a Viagra coupon to help save you money. Eligible people can save money on their first 2 prescriptions. With your very first prescription, eligible patients may be able to get 3 free pills. This same coupon can be used to save you 30% off on your second prescription. This offer expires on 12/31/2014.

Looking for other coupons that will save you money on Erectile Dysfunction meds? We can also save you money on Cialis, Levitra and Stendra. The Cialis coupon that we list is for 30 free, 30 day pills. Or, you can get 3- 36 hour pills.

The Levitra coupon that we offer can save you up to $50 on each of your 12 prescriptions, after you pay the first $10 of your co-pay. This offer expires on 12/31/2014.

We now list a Stendra coupon. Eligible people may be able to get 3 free tablets and then both cash payers and self-pay patients can save money on their next 6 prescriptions. Download this Stendra coupon today and start saving money. This coupon also expires on 12/31/2014.

We list more medication coupons than any other site around. Search now to find the ones you need. also offers a free discount drug card to all visitors of our site. Our card can save consumers up to 80% off on prescription medications not covered by insurance. It’s accepted at over 60,000 chain and independently owned pharmacies across the country. Get yours today. saves you money!